Idle Car Tycoon Mod APK 1.30 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Money increases on spending

As you also know in the world today there are many cars, there are also many big cities. You know, no one likes their car getting dirty and running out of gas in the middle of the road. At the same time, your company was established with the principle of service first. Start growing strong with the vast property right in front of you. Come on, follow me to know what is the biggest joint-stock company that you and I can develop. And now your job is to download the game Idle Car Tycoon mod today to experience the game in a fun way with me.

Download Idle Car Tycoon mod – Become the greatest trader.

Idle Car Tycoon mod takes you to a world that simulates a big city or a world where you will become the greatest businessman in the game world. Gameplay is the game that turns you into one of the tycoons of petrol dealers and car washes around the world. Coming to this gameplay, you will not have to worry about difficult development at the beginning of your business.

Idle Car Tycoon mod

In the game, you can experience always everything, from services, business, markets, opening new countries for yourself and becoming world hegemony… To have an empire for yourself you need to upgrade speed, price, and traffic, and then just sit back and eat a bowl of gold. Game speed plays a decisive role in the game where the gameplay is unlimited, so you don’t need to worry about time.

Construction and development of car wash stations trạm

At first, you were just a small shop owner, with only a few cars a day. So you need to expand your business and seize the opportunity, and from there build more and more buildings to get more cars for your town, giving you the feeling of mastering everything. Build the most amazing gas-fueling empire, no one else can match you. So if you invest in additional facilities for your gas station it’s great, increase the price for the gas station to have a huge revenue. To make the best gas station. The scale is not only in your huge and massive city but also in the vast vast world.

Game Idle Car Tycoon mod

The initial difficulties do not discourage you but make your first customers happy, customers will return not only them but their friends too. If you are looking for a relaxing game that automatically makes you not lose too much time, effort, and money, you should choose and experience this game.

Upgrade, build

In the game there are many types of upgrades, but in each building you only have three items to upgrade, upgrading speed helps your area work quickly, so your business can serve more. , your good service means more money. Upgrading the price will cost you some money, but instead, you will get huge revenue, giving you a relatively stable source of income. Upgrading vehicle traffic will give you an abundant supply, can accommodate more cars and of course what you get back after those works is money. When expanding your own car wash station, you can open more stations depending on the purpose of each station.

The decorations

Many customers want to park their car when using your service, please build more parking stations to optimize everything possible. Always arrange the gas station in the center of the center near the road so that customers can conveniently use the most suitable services possible. Besides, Hack Idle Car Tycoon also provides a lot of fun and interesting decorations to decorate your own car wash station. A shiny, colorful, versatile gas station will be the first choice of many people, all ages from old to young, from ordinary people to the richest people can’t help but come.

Game Idle Car Tycoon mod hack

This game was created to meet the needs of relaxation and entertainment after stressful working hours and school days. The start is a normal car wash but through the hands of the player. No need to worry about the above feature you can upgrade all services, research, production, vehicle traffic, capacity, speed all with money. And if you don’t have money, you will have to waste time, causing inhibition. But in Idle Car Tycoon, you do not need to care about money because it is infinite. You need to make the right business decisions that turn from a small shop into the biggest business in the world. Download now the Idle Car Tycoon Mod game that will bring you the most satisfying entertainment moments right from the moment you enter the game.

Download Idle Car Tycoon Mod APK 1.30 (Unlimited Money)

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