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Become a manager in the game Idle Dungeon Manager Mod. Your mission is to manage the dungeon. Lots of activities going on in the dungeon for you to explore. Summon heroes to assemble as a team. Fight monsters in various dungeons. Search for rare loot and collect experience points through the levels. Moreover, the game offers many attractive game modes. You will have to face a lot of monsters in intense battles. Uncover unsolved mysteries. As a Dungeon manager.

Download Idle Dungeon Manager Mod – War of Dungeon Heroes

Join Idle Dungeon Manager Mod your mission is to assemble a team of heroes, up to 3 people. Take them to dungeon battles. Fight with monsters to complete the mission. With real-time combat gameplay. When the battle starts, the heroes will automatically attack. They use their individual skills to fight the enemy. The battle continues until the hero force or the enemy is defeated. If want to win the level’s play. The hero will have to destroy all the monsters. Causing them to run out of health and be unable to continue fighting. From there, you can complete missions to move on to new levels of play.Download Idle Dungeon Manager Mod

Use gold coins and experience points

After completing the quest, defeat the monsters in Idle Dungeon Manager Mod. Players will receive a lot of gold coins and leveling experience points. At the same time have the opportunity to receive valuable loot. Gold coins after earning can be used for many different activities. Can be leveled up to increase the amount of cash in each area. From there, over time, the amount you receive will be more and more. Besides, the experience points received can be used to upgrade the hero. Every time a hero reaches a new level, their strength and combat ability also increase. Continually win the dungeon difficulty levels. You will get a lot of rewards. It is possible to develop strength and recruit new heroes to advance deeper into the dungeon.Idle Dungeon Manager Mod

Change tactics accordingly

Tactics are one of the factors that greatly influence the outcome of each battle. At Idle Dungeon Manager Mod, you need to change tactics to suit each battle. Before starting, let’s arrange the position of each hero in the squad. To effectively harness their power in battle. For example, the gunner can attack from a distance, but the amount of health is not large. The best position will have to be behind heroes with good defense. Or warriors with the advantage of melee attacks. Can arrange the first position to pioneer in fierce battles. Every battle that takes place, you need to come up with the right strategy. From there will exploit the full combat power of the heroes. Can defeat enemy forces to end the war.Game Idle Dungeon Manager Mod

Hero system

Idle Dungeon Manager Mod provides a diverse hero system. With combat units such as warriors, archers, mages, etc. And there are a large number of other powerful heroes. Each hero has its own fighting style and unique skills. Can attack enemies in different ways. Typically, the warrior has a melee combat style. Directly attack the enemy with the sword in hand. Archer with the advantage of attacking from a distance. Can deal large amounts of damage every time an arrow hits an enemy. Or magic power possessing magical power. Can create magic attacks that cause enemies to consume a large amount of health.

Summon Scroll, Hero Stats

To be able to summon heroes in Idle Dungeon Manager Mod. Players need to use summoning scrolls to recruit. Then go through the summoning portal to unlock the hero. Experience points can be used to level up heroes. Each hero possesses power stats such as health, damage, physical defense, and magical defense. Every time you level up, the hero’s stats also increase. Assemble a team of heroes possessing outstanding combat power. From there, you can go deeper into the dungeon.Tai Idle Dungeon Manager Mod

The graphics of Idle Dungeon Manager Mod are designed to be extremely vivid. With sharp 3D graphics, recreate the impressive dungeon environment. Combined with the open scene in the villages. Create for you an attractive battlespace. Not stopping there, the skill effects of the heroes during the battle. Very impressive performance. Mixed with gentle background music, with fierce battle sounds.

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