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Have you ever thought that it is possible to become rich through agricultural development, starting from a small-scale farm? Idle Farm Tycoon Mod is developed by Kolibri Games, will give you a chance to become a billionaire. The job is to be the owner of a farm, sticking with the crops every day, taking care of them to grow. After each crop, a high yield can be harvested and sold to earn a profit. But if you really want to be able to develop a farm, get big business, provide a lot of agricultural products. Then completely based on your choice, calculate what kind of tree to plant, which can be quickly harvested. But the amount of money spent to buy trees and add workers is small. Since then there is a difference in price, you will earn a lot of money to develop.

Download Idle Farm Tycoon Mod – Become a Farm Tycoon

Usually, you can see, many rich people rely on industries, technology development. There are very few people who come up from agriculture that have the opportunity to become a billionaire. But Idle Farm Tycoon Mod will show you it’s entirely possible. Although the goal of the game is only entertainment, helping players to relieve pressure. Put yourself in a better mood when you put yourself in charge, with simple farming. But you can help your farm in the game, the account you play. Become a tycoon in the agricultural industry, from being wise in choosing the right varieties to bring a high harvest. Or rely on specific strategies to work, open more cells, continuously increase the volume that can be planted. In order to have more and more output of different crops with high harvest value, but with low capital investment. Find a place to sell agricultural products outside the market, quickly make a lot of profit. And your farm will grow up, becoming the leading agricultural exchange in the industry.Game Idle Farm Tycoon Mod

Continuous Development

When you play the game Idle Farm Tycoon Mod, always remember, when you have capital, don’t keep doing anything, keep investing. Do not hesitate, in order to develop your farm into the largest supplier of agricultural products, you must expand. If there is an opportunity, do not skip the unlocking of cells to have room to grow. Increase the space to be able to plant many different trees, quickly get a lot. Or to add more staff to work, to help with the farming work, so that you don’t have to do it yourself. As well as there is a place for trucks to transport agricultural products for consumption. Keep investing like that and your money will constantly increase, in the account will be a large amount of money.Tai Idle Farm Tycoon Mod

Farm Automation

Idle Farm Tycoon Mod is not like many other farm management games, everything has to be done by you. This game has an extra point, that you can recruit more people to work for the farm, for them to work. You are a boss, in addition to being able to do it yourself, you can also only do management work, making policies. Thinking, making the right choices, the things that need to be done, so that the farm can grow up. The next part can be assigned to the staff, they will complete the rest according to your request. It’s really very useful, everything is almost completely automatic, self-growing, taking care of it until it’s grown, then it can be harvested. Even if you are not present, the farm business is still operating normally, so you can quickly become rich.
Download Idle Farm Tycoon Mod

Merge Function

And there is one thing that is certain that the games that follow the farming management gameplay do not have that is merging. Idle Farm Tycoon Mod can merge a few things, like for workers, crops. Driver staff after being combined almost everything is doubled, from speed to power. Transporting agricultural products is extremely fast and can be returned a lot at a time, saving costs. Or for the crops to be combined together, will produce a new variety with high yield value. Increased in the speed of harvest, with each harvest selling at a much higher price than usual.Idle Farm Tycoon Mod

Idle Farm Tycoon Mod is a farm management game, planting crops to sell from there to earn money. Towards the development of becoming a leading tycoon in the industry, becoming rich from agriculture that comes up. But to be like that, it is necessary to have investment capital, continuously upgrade and buy more workers and plants. To help players, the new version has added an unlimited money mod. For each player when entering the game, there is an unlimited amount of investment capital. Can quickly develop your farm into the largest place, bringing huge income.

Download Idle Farm Tycoon Mod APK 1.03.1 (Unlimited Coins)

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