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Idle Forest Lumber Inc Mod is an idle simulation game. Designed with construction gameplay, making you a boss exploiting natural resources. Here, your mission is to run a wood manufacturing company to craft into various products. Owns a factory with woodworkers. Besides hard work, you need to have a business strategy to grow the company. Arrange the working position of workers in many activities that take place. Make your dream of becoming a rich boss, holding a lumber empire in your hands.

Download Idle Forest Lumber Inc Mod – Become a Tycoon in the Wood Industry

As a boss in the game Idle Forest Lumber Inc Mod. You will have to do a lot of different management jobs to build your own empire. From managing forests, building factories, managing sales, hiring workers. To the construction of lines, maintenance, and upgrading of specialized vehicles. Even making a lot of money to buy a new factory. Each job is a development process, requiring your management skills. Perform each task in turn. Optimizing working time efficiency, as well as scientifically exploiting forest timber. Towards a long-term business strategy.Idle Forest Lumber Inc Mod

Forest management by planting wood

The main material in Idle Forest Lumber Inc Mod is wood. They are grown on large forests, covered with a green color. To develop the company in a positive direction. You need to make sure the wood resource is not exhausted. There will have to be a long-term development strategy. Hire workers to plant trees every time a forest is harvested. Expand the land area by using money to buy more. At the same time, train workers to become professional skilled workers. Make your forest management more efficient. From there, it will help your company collect wood continuously without fear of running out.Game Idle Forest Lumber Inc Mod

The process of making a product

After the trees are planted to the harvest stage at Idle Forest Lumber Inc Mod. You need to control workers to cut down trees to start the mining process. Use specialized vehicles to transport timber to workers’ working positions. Drive a truck to transport timber from the forest to the factory. Using forklifts, lowering to bring wood from the truck to the production site. Then, skilled workers will automatically work to create wooden products. However, creating a product will need many stages. From the rough production, chisel the outer parts of the wooden trunk. Until the stage of sawing and sawing wood to make the product manufacturing process. At the same time, each stage after completion will help you receive money.Tai Idle Forest Lumber Inc Mod

Sell ​​products to customers

From the trees brought from the forest to the factory. Go through the crafting stages of workers in Idle Forest Lumber Inc Mod. You will get amazing products made from wood. At this point, you will have to find a way to sell the product, with the goal of making a profit. Build an effective sales strategy, marketing, and advertising to attract customers. Introduce the company’s products, what benefits it brings to customers. From there, you will get batches of orders from them. After selling the products created by their own company. You will make a huge profit. Use them to maintain activities taking place at the company. As well as continuing to find ways to grow the company in a new direction.


In the process of developing a wood production company at Idle Forest Lumber Inc. Mod. You need to upgrade a lot of elements. From improving the working skills of skilled workers. Improves the health of the woodworkers in the forest. Until the upgrade of specialized vehicles to transport more wood. Especially upgrading the working machines inside the workshop. Help all activities take place efficiently, not wasting much time. Besides, there are many different specialized vehicles for you to unlock. The trucks to transport, the forklifts, the timber in the factory area.Download Idle Forest Lumber Inc Mod

Expansion of the workshop is one of the essential factors for your work to go up. At Idle Forest Lumber Inc Mod you can use the money to buy new workshops. From there, there will be a larger production plant, with many workplaces for workers. Helps the company to quickly produce the amount of wood transported from the forest to the company. Then, you can sell large quantities of products to customers. From there will earn huge profits, make a lot of money.

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