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1. Unlimited Money (never decrease when you spent)

Publisher Outloud Games LLC offers players an exciting simulation game. Play as a manager in Idle Inn Empire Tycoon Mod. With the set opening in a medieval hotel. Your task is to manage the hotel’s business activities. Offer the best trading strategies to make a lot of money. Increase profits from meeting the needs of visitors to visit and relax. This is a game designed for idle gameplay. With so much going on around the medieval hotel.

Download Idle Inn Empire Tycoon Mod – Become a Medieval Hotel Manager

To become a rich boss in Idle Inn Empire Tycoon Mod. You will have to run the activities that take place inside the hotel. At the same time, manage the staff well to be able to serve the tourists who come to have fun. Here, visitors are the ones who will bring profits to your hotel. To be able to maintain activities, as well as towards more development goals. You will have to satisfy every visitor who comes to visit and relax. Help them feel comfortable, experience a meaningful life with fun activities. From there, you will earn huge profits from the hotel business. That number continues to grow as your hotel receives more guests each day.Idle Inn Empire Tycoon Mod

Upgrading the hotel, serving the needs of visitors

Play as the manager of a medieval hotel at Idle Inn Empire Tycoon Mod. You have to do a lot of different jobs. In which, hotel improvement is indispensable. If you want more visitors to stay, you need to build new rooms. Fully furnished with furniture in each room. Upgrading old furniture to bring a comfortable space for visitors to visit. Besides, you also have to manage the kitchen and the bar. Manage staff at different locations to do different service tasks. Offering delicious dishes prepared by the hotel’s chefs. At the same time bring attractive drinks prepared by staff at the bar. Helping guests enjoy delicious food and drinks.Download Idle Inn Empire Tycoon Mod

Create entertainment services

Idle Inn Empire Tycoon Mod allows players to create services. In order to bring entertainment activities to the guests when coming to the hotel. Open an arena where visitors can compete against each other. Compare each person’s fighting ability to see who is the winner. Relax in the bath, indulging in the comfort of hot water. Participate in video games, discover interesting things. Or challenge yourself in an underwater adventure. With diving suits, they will explore the underwater environment. With the appearance of many sea creatures. You can even organize your own fishing convention. With the participation of many tourists, they are good anglers. Through the number of fish caught, whoever catches the most will win.Tai Idle Inn Empire Tycoon Mod

Hire a manager to handle multiple tasks

Timed to take place at Idle Inn Empire Tycoon Mod. The facilities and services of the hotel managed by you are effective. Visitors, there are satisfied with the quality of service. That will help your hotel become one of the famous places, attracting many guests every day. At that time, the amount of work that you need to do will be more and more. Even have to run against time to complete the huge amount of work. To solve the job quickly, as well as achieve the best efficiency. Hiring a manager is the right solution for you to get the job done. At the same time, optimize the work by hiring many management staff to perform many different jobs. At that time you can idle money like a real boss.Game Idle Inn Empire Tycoon Mod

There is not just one hotel. At Idle Inn Empire Tycoon Mod there are a total of 6 medieval hotels for you to explore. Each hotel is built in many different environments. Manage each hotel in turn, while optimizing the work. You can go on to run a new hotel. Gradually, you will become the boss of a hotel chain in the middle ages. From there will make a huge profit. The amount will automatically increase over time. You just need to leisurely manage and collect money from the business areas in the hotel. Besides, you can raise a pet to roam around the hotels managed by you.

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