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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)

Idle Islands Empire Mod is an idle game, detailing the development of a town on a beautiful coast. A variety of missions for you to perform, build infrastructure, discover new beaches. More special when you can exploit rare resources. Own yourself a huge fortune, build an empire of your own. The game belongs to the simulation game genre, which is inspired by the Middle Ages. Takes you to the unspoiled town, with unique constructions. Players can experience the game in offline mode. No internet connection is required and can play games anywhere and anytime. Explore everything completely for free, with entertaining gameplay. Help you enjoy a comfortable, friendly space in the town management game.

Download Idle Islands Empire Mod – Build And Develop Your Own Empire

The setting of Idle Islands Empire Mod opens in a medieval village. This place is quite wild, with no human development. Everything around is covered by the ocean and mountains. Join the game, you as a village chief. There is a task to reclaim and develop the village to become prosperous. With the goal of turning this seaside village into a prosperous town. Many people come to visit and admire the beautiful scenery of a seaside town.Game Idle Islands Empire Mod

Development process

Start Idle Islands Empire Mod with the task of building structures. The land of the village is divided into squares, representing each plot of land. At first, you can build a house out of straw. At the same time, according to a certain cycle, each house will generate gold coins. You collect them with just one touch, then continue to build the next house. However, building a new home is not an easy task. Because the amount to build a house is equivalent to the value of the plot of land. For example, each plot of land will have a different amount, if you want to build a house on it, you need to pay to unlock it. The more beautiful the plot of land, the more money to build a house.

Collect resources, a lot of construction

If you want to develop the village, you will have to have a strategy of your own. Constantly collect money and accumulate it to build new houses. At the same time, use your skills to collect resources such as wood, stone, and steel. Over time, you can use them to upgrade already built houses. Idle Islands Empire Mod provides you with a lot of different constructions. Includes straw houses, towers, huts, windmills, and more. Each construction generates a corresponding amount. The higher the level of the building, the more money it generates.Tai Idle Islands Empire Mod

Discover new islands

In the early stages of Idle Islands Empire Mod, you develop the village at the coast. Over time, having built his own empire there. You can continue to explore new lands, building your empire in more unique locations. Typically, the Antarctic region is cold, covered with snow all year round. Or the vast desert lands, build your empire on glorious golden sands. Each location in the game is a large island. Requires player skill and strategy to conquer. Complete missions by overcoming challenges. From there, you will become a rich owner, owning many islands with strong constructions.Idle Islands Empire Mod

Join the fishing activity

In the journey to develop your own empire. Players can participate in various activities to earn more money. Going fishing is one of the most interesting activities that the Idle Islands Empire Mod brings. Not only helps you have the feeling of waiting for the fish to bite. It also brings fun when you catch fish and the process of pulling the rod to bring the fish to shore. Besides, the game has many different types of fish for you to explore. Each fish has a different value of money, catching will help you earn a lot of money.Download Idle Islands Empire Mod

Over time, the number of jobs in the Idle Islands Empire Mod is increasing. At that time, you don’t even have time to participate in fishing scenes. Because buildings on many islands continuously generate gold, making you constantly work to collect. However, sometimes due to the amount of work is too much, you cannot collect all the money from the islands. At this point, you need to hire a manager at the islands. They will help you to collect coins every time the buildings are created. From the number, you not only have idle time. And assets will increase more and more.

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