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Idle Restaurant Tycoon Mod is a restaurant simulation game. Designed with idle gameplay, but not a continuous clicker like other idle games. Become the manager of a restaurant. With a prime location, located on the main road in a green residential area. Your mission is to develop the restaurant into a famous place. Attract a large number of customers every day. With the goal of becoming a tycoon in the restaurant business. Lots of activities in the construction and development of the restaurant for you to do. Effectively manage each job so that all activities take place at their best. Make every customer feel satisfied when coming here.

Download Idle Restaurant Tycoon Mod – Idle Game About Restaurant Business Theme

Right at the start of Idle Restaurant Tycoon Mod. The series of introductions were led by a man. You will be given detailed instructions for each activity and each task that needs to be performed. As a manager, you don’t have to directly serve customers. Instead, manage and find ways to develop the restaurant. Can go further, all customers feel satisfied when coming here. A series of tasks you need to do when participating in the game. Hire a chef to prepare delicious dishes. Meet all customer needs when they order. Hire wait staff to improve the service quality of the restaurant. Open up business strategies such as running ads, expanding restaurants. And there are many more development activities waiting for you to do.Idle Restaurant Tycoon Mod

Serve customers, improve quality

Initially, your shop in Idle Restaurant Tycoon Mod has not been developed. Because in the early stages is quite difficult, as well as not known by many people. The first customers entering the restaurant are the times when you need to make them satisfied. Quickly serve customers with the dishes they ordered. Processing at the earliest time, do not let them wait long. From there, customers will feel satisfied with the service quality of the restaurant. After payment, you will receive the first coins. Invest in activities like upgrading restaurant equipment. Change seating and dining table to make customers feel more comfortable. Very soon, your store will continue to welcome new customers. Serve them with the most delicious food to earn big money.Game Idle Restaurant Tycoon Mod

Financial management in many activities

Every activity in Idle Restaurant Tycoon Mod requires money. When you decide to invest in an activity. The amount will decrease after each spending. However, the return that follows can be huge. Hiring a chef is one of those activities that cost a lot of money. You need to pay them to be able to serve customers. Or open up marketing strategies through running ads. The amount of money you have to spend is quite large. But that can help the restaurant attract more customers. More than that, unlock, upgrade or improve the service in the restaurant. Everything requires money. Therefore, you need to use money sensibly and spend smartly. Otherwise, the money you earn will very quickly be lost.Download Idle Restaurant Tycoon Mod

Run ads to attract customers

For your restaurant to become famous, improving the quality of service is not enough. At Idle Restaurant Tycoon Mod you can unlock marketing strategies. With many different ways of running ads such as online advertising, distributing leaflets, or through newspapers. Each type of advertising will have its own advantages to reach customers. Depending on how much money you have, choose one suitable ad type at a time. From there, you will attract every customer. Maybe every day will welcome a lot of customers to the restaurant. However, if you choose the wrong way to advertise. Not only do not attract customers but also lose a lot of money.Tai Idle Restaurant Tycoon Mod

According to the operating time of the restaurant at Idle Restaurant Tycoon Mod. Becoming more and more famous, every day there will be many customers coming to eat the dish. Serve customers quality food to make them feel satisfied. From there, you will earn a huge profit. New restaurants can be opened in different locations. Choose a location with a lot of traffic. Continue to develop the restaurant, invest in new equipment. Serve customers to earn huge profits. Gradually, you can expand into a chain of restaurants. Become a rich tycoon, can idle earn money.

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