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The setting of Idle Trading Empire Mod opens in a medieval kingdom. There is a lot of business going on here. You join the game with the task of developing your own empire. Build, upgrade and develop shops, thereby earning money to continue your career. With the goal of becoming a rich boss, owning a huge fortune. You can even form a trade alliance with other players. Grow together and make your rich dreams come true. Use all your abilities, combine the knowledge learned in the process of playing the game. From there, head to your own path, find a new path. Gradually, you will build a strong empire. There is a huge source of income from many different projects.

Download Idle Trading Empire Mod – Develop Your Own Empire in the Middle Ages

Idle Trading Empire Mod belongs to the simulation game genre, with idle style. You just need to touch on the screen to perform operations. Business process simulation game. With 2 game modes online and offline. For offline mode, you can experience the game for free. No need to connect to the internet can still explore the features that the game has to offer. However, the online mode will provide a much more engaging experience. You get to meet with online players all over the world. It is possible to trade and exchange the necessary goods. Or form a trade alliance with friends. With the goal of developing and building a strong empire in the Middle Ages.Game Idle Trading Empire Mod

Build production and resource exploitation facilities on the island

To make dreams come true, make yourself a rich boss. You are constantly working to build production facilities. In particular, the islands are the best place to head to, and at the same time can exploit resources. Here, Idle Trading Empire Mod opens up many different islands for you to explore. Each island consists of many areas, with countless tasks for you to perform. If you want to build an empire of your own. You need to exploit all the resources on an island. Upgrade production buildings for maximum efficiency. From there, you have the opportunity to step into the new island. Continue to develop your career by exploiting and building production facilities. However, to do that will take a process. Requires your management skills to organize work and effectively exploit inherent resources.Tai Idle Trading Empire Mod

Air and sea transportation

After production and resource extraction. You need to trade in order to make a profit. However, the trading place in Idle Trading Empire Mod is located on the mainland. Meanwhile, where you produce and exploit resources is located on islands in the vast ocean. They are many miles away from land. At this time, you need to build sea traffic with the safest and most convenient route. Use the money to hire workers, help you complete the sea route quickly. You can even build airways to travel faster. Transport manufactured goods and collected resources to the mainland. Open deals with other players. From there, you will earn huge profits.Idle Trading Empire Mod

Attract customers through communication

Besides transporting goods to the mainland for sale. You can attract customers through communication. Idle Trading Empire Mod allows you to post ads, introduce products to customers. From there, you can connect with customers all over the world through the game’s virtual social network. Help them place orders quickly and conveniently, and you can sell large quantities of goods. Especially, goods exported to foreign countries will have higher incomes. Invest in quality articles. Focus on introducing the product and its use. Help your guests feel satisfied. From there, you can earn a huge profit when exporting goods to foreign countries.Download Idle Trading Empire Mod

Start Idle Trading Empire Mod by building a settlement. Create accommodation for everyone, from workers to customers to visit. Each resettlement site needs a process to complete. With the appearance of many unique constructions. Bring the exterior design of medieval houses. This is your beginning, as well as a stepping stone to develop a strong empire. However, the resettlement construction is not only on an island. Every time you step on a new island, you will have to build new settlements.

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