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  • One hit kill
  • God mode
  • Money and resources never decrease when spend

NOTE: Make sure to enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps



Set in outer space, Impossible Space Mod takes you to dramatic space battles. Explore dozens of planets occupied by enemies. Pass each of the hundreds of levels of each planet. By destroying all enemies to win. At the same time, each level takes place, you have the opportunity to unlock new weapons. Hundreds of different weapons, each with its own damage and attack ability. When equipped will help your character increase combat ability. Can easily destroy the enemy to win. Here, you play as a space hero to join the fight. The mission to rescue the planet is occupied by the enemy.

Download Impossible Space Mod – Scary Space War

Impossible Space Mod’s war takes place in outer space. A free space battle on many different planets. The developer builds the game in the shooting style. With exciting gameplay. Your task is to destroy the enemy to continue to step into the new map. Using equipped weapons, strike enemies with deadly bullets. Make the enemy die before your gun. Pass each map in turn, when reaching a certain level. You will have to face the boss in a 1vs1 fight. Use all your fighting skills to defeat the boss. Then you will get a lot of rewards and loot.Game Impossible Space Mod Icon

Enemies, boss fights, increasing difficulty

Enemies in Impossible Space Mod are equipped with powerful weapons. They are monsters, aliens, space bandits. And there are many other enemies you will encounter in the battle. At the same time, the boss is the last boss that you need to defeat to complete the quest you are participating in. The boss appears on the last map on a level. Equipped with powerful firepower, as well as possessing a huge amount of health. Can withstand multiple attacks from you. The difficulty of the game also increases each time you move to the next level. The number of enemies is more, especially their fighting ability is increased. This makes it very difficult for you to fight. Especially when facing the boss in later missions. If you don’t improve your skills and upgrade your hero, you may die in battle.Dowload Impossible Space Mod Icon

Obstacles, first aid box

During the battle of Impossible Space Mod. The stone blocks that appear on each map are a huge advantage for you. They can block attacks from enemies. At the same time, you also cannot hit the enemy when blocked by stone blocks. If you want to defeat the enemy, you need to move to the appropriate location on the map. Only then can you hit the target. Every time you kill an enemy, you will gain experience. In addition, a first aid box will appear on each map. If your health is reduced due to taking on enemy attacks. Can get close to the first aid box to use, helping the blood to recover. From there, you can continue to step into the new map of the mission.Tai Impossible Space Mod Icon

Combat skills

Skills are the most important factor in Impossible Space Mod. You can move freely in each map of an active quest. This helps you to avoid attacks from enemies. Requires the ability to observe and accurately judge the direction of the bullet. Because of the large number of enemies, they attack continuously. Causing you to face a lot of bullets coming at you at a time. Also, improve your fighting skills to be able to progress further in hundreds of levels of the game.

Character upgrade

Upgrading the character will help the hero increase his fighting ability, thereby achieving a better effect. At Impossible Space Mod can equip weapons, arm armor, leg armor, chest armor, hat, and jewelry. Each item after equipping the hero will increase the corresponding strength. For example, weapons increase damage, can destroy enemies easily in battle. Arm armor, chest armor, and leg armor increase defense. Help the hero increase his stamina every time he is hit by a bullet.Impossible Space Mod

The game offers you hundreds of different weapons. They are all modern, advanced guns, with strong attack power. Each gun in Impossible Space Mod is designed with an impressive appearance. However, if you want to own it, you will have to spend money to unlock it. Choosing for yourself a favorite gun will help you feel more excited every time you join the fight. In addition, there are many different maps for you to explore. Each map is a planet, with a lot of fighting going on. Examples are Tiphon, Utopia, Fomoria, Corax, Lif, Nocturne.

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