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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)

Imposter Smashers Mod is an action game with an entertaining style through fun levels. Role-play as a character in the game, participate in exciting battle levels. Using the weapon in your hand, smash the other members in the arena. Move flexibly, attack accurately, and dodge impostors to become the winner. What’s more, you can enter online battles. Fight with other online players, defeat them with the hammer in hand. Show your fighting skills by the results of the match. Discover many unique arenas, with fun battles. Promises to bring exciting entertainment moments.

Download Imposter Smashers Mod – Join the Fun Fight Between Impostors

The battle of Imposter Smashers Mod takes place in an arena. Here, you can move in a large circle, using skills and weapons to attack. Your enemies are impostors, they are other players in your battle. The match only ends until everyone is completely defeated and only one person survives. If you want to win, you need to improve your fighting skills with each battle. Flexible character control, smart moves in the arena, and precise attacks. At the same time, it combines the ability to react quickly and dodge the opponent’s attacks. Defend your life to the last moment, become the winner of this dramatic battle.Game Imposter Smashers Mod

Chase and attack the enemy

Start the battle of Imposter Smashers Mod. You are equipped with a hammer, this is a weapon to attack enemies in the arena. Your task is to destroy the impostors by using hammers to strike powerful attacks. In battle, you are the only one who can attack. The impostors will run away from the chase, you need to chase to attack them. In the process, pay attention to the objects around. They are obstacles, if you accidentally attack right, you will lose blood. In addition, each enemy after being destroyed, the size of the character will gradually increase. The more enemies you kill, the bigger the body becomes.Imposter Smashers Mod

Online and offline mode

The game provides 2 main modes for you to experience. Includes online mode and offline mode. Each mode that Imposter Smashers Mod offers unique battles. For offline mode, you participate in the battles of Al. Kill the impostors, in turn, to move on to the next level. The difficulty of the game also increases from there. Along with that, through the game screen, you have the opportunity to receive new weapons. Using them in the next fight will provide a fascinating experience. Besides, the online mode takes you into online matches. Be competitive and fight with other players. Show off your skills with smart moves and precise attacks. Be the only survivor and win.Ear Imposter Smashers Mod

Control system

The control mechanism of the Imposter Smashers Mod is quite simple. You don’t have to take too long to get used to it. You can even control it flexibly from the very first screen. Entering the battle, you just need to make tap, hold and swipe to move the character closer to the target. Use skills by clicking on the icon on the right corner of the screen to attack. However, the biggest difficulty is approaching the enemy. Because they move freely in the arena, you have to chase. Requiring precision through each attack to take down enemies.

Character system

Characters in Imposter Smashers Mod are designed in the shape of minions. Each character has a unique style, with unique costumes. Typical as spiderman, Pikachu, minions, astronaut or Sengoku, and many more. However, you cannot choose the character to incarnate for free. Instead, you have to use gold coins accumulated from previous battles to unlock. Choose a character that you love, unlock to play the role will give you a sense of stimulation through each battle.Download Imposter Smashers Mod

Imposter Smashers Mod also owns a lot of weapons such as swords, hammers, even guns. Win in each match, you will have a chance to get. Each weapon has its own style of attack, creating attraction for players to join. Swords, for example, deliver critical slashes, cutting enemies in half. Hammers create powerful smashes, turning enemies into pieces of meat. Or the power of guns, which can create terrifying explosions. Causes enemies to crumble to pieces.

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