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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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The growth of the game brings excitement to players about different types of fighting against pandemic zombies or different zombies, but usually, those games are you human. Infectonator 3 Mod is developed by Armor Games, a game house that often provides games with unique, novel ideas built-in cartoon form, this is the third version that has been refined in every way more than two versions. before. This game has completely different gameplay when you are no longer on the human side, you have to how to infect the zombie epidemic, turn the world into the age of the Zombie, lead them to invade the world. You need to have calculations for each step, how to make the extinct mankind return the earth to the Zombie species, and triumph over the human race until no one can escape.

Download Infectonator 3 Mod – Spread Virus

Infectonator 3 Mod with the most important goal is how to turn humans around the world into zombies listening to your control. You will need to slowly, little by little, otherwise, everything can be discovered and stopped by humans then the plan will fail. Having to start spreading it one by one, spreading to small groups and then gradually adding more groups then merging them together will be a slow-growing army for sure. There will come a day when a lot of people do not know how to be infected, then transform into a Zombie, then your army has grown, and the worldwide spread will have to end, people will perish.Game Infectonator 3 Mod

War Between Two Factions

This will be a battle to decide the fate of the world of control will return to humans or the new zombie species as the master of the world. Infectonator 3 Mod has a lot of improvement compared to the previous two versions, but the fight remains the same, infecting viruses that infect humans, humans will have progress in scientific research. remedy, prevent spread. So this will be the time to use your thoughts to get past humans, to see if there is any way against those measures, to be faster in the transmission. Must always search for every step to destroy all human beings turn them into zombies, for people to step down the brink of destruction. And there will be times when the war between the two factions breaks out directly, with the army of humans and Zombies.Infectonator 3 Mod

Upgrading, Development Of Different Variations

In Infectonator 3 Mod to get the development of the Zombie power, against the human being able to create antibodies to fight the zombie virus, it is necessary to continuously create different types of Zombies. Must create types of zombies with different variations to make them become more agile, stronger to easily infect humans. With the combination of different types of DNA, new species will come up with more power, a higher level of pathogen diffusion quickly leads to destruction.Application Infectonator 3 Mod

Sound, Graphics

This was the 3rd version after two successes of the previous versions, but Infectonator 3 Mod is still the image of the character, the weapon, everything in the game is still in the pixel animation style. But that is the highlight for this game that brings the fun when you have seen many pixel animations now that you experience the game in this form. Showing the fierce battle in the game that brings destruction to humanity, the human scene is standing on the brink of destruction. The sound in the game is also created in accordance with the circumstances of the game, where the injury occurs in the battle between humans and zombies.

Infectonator 3 Mod, a game that develops the Zombie’s power into an army, infects humans into undead fighting and destroys humans, bringing humans to destruction, turning the world into a zombie residence. With Unlock gives you a full experience of the features that the game is designed or with Remove Ads you won’t be bothered by ads that take your time, let you get Choose the full feeling of excitement when playing the game.

Download Infectonator 3 Mod APK 1.5.45 (Unlock, Remove Ads)

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