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Update October 21, 2021 (2 years ago)

If you are someone who is interested in airplanes and has a dream of owning and experiencing one, this gameplay is for you. Infinite Flight Mod is an extremely realistic and extremely attractive flight simulation game. Joining the game, players will have a dozen of the most modern aircraft in the world with extremely interesting features. Being a pilot has never been so easy. In addition to flying the plane, during each flight journey, you can also admire places with extremely majestic and beautiful scenery. It may place you already know and have seen, but from another angle, on an airplane, the scenery is even more amazing. The images and graphics are designed to be extremely realistic. Although it is a game on MOBA, players can experience a PC-based graphics platform because of its extremely good realism. The virtual world but the experience is extremely realistic for players to relax after hours of studying and working hard.

Download Infinite Flight Mod – Fly a plane and explore the world

Infinite Flight Mod takes players to a world that is here. The most modern and newest aircraft at the present time you can easily own. When you are new to the game if you do not know anything about this gameplay and do not know how to control the plane. Then don’t hesitate, go to youtube to search for the LMHMOD game channel and find videos about this game. We’ve got a detailed review clip as well as a guide about this game for you. You will have a plane of your own and gradually familiarize yourself with the way of driving as well as the engines to be able to operate them. Gradually, when the skills have improved, participate in special missions to be able to experience the life of a real pilot. Become a talented pilot by downloading this gameplay right away and experience it right away.

Infinite Flight - Flight Simulator mod

Plane selection

Lots of planes for you to choose from but consider this job. Because each one will have its own structure and characteristics. No vehicle is the same and the control method is also different. The more expensive the aircraft, the more modern technology, and features will be integrated. As for the aircraft with a slightly lower cost, they will have few functions and are not equipped with modern technologies such as Autopilot or instant acceleration. Master the cockpit and master your plane on the big roads. Take control of the vast space, bring your plane to where it needs to land safely.

Game Infinite Flight - Flight Simulator mod

Being a pilot has never been so easy

In fact, owning a plane is extremely difficult, let alone becoming a pilot. But the difference and attraction to players in this game are that flying the plane is extremely easy. No degree required, no cost to train. You can still fly a plane normally. It only takes you a very small amount of time to get used to and learn about the cockpit. Satisfy your passion, experience flying airplanes with ease. Fly through the air, see the best views in the world from an airplane perspective.

Extremely realistic graphics like the real thing thực

An extremely sophisticated design 3D graphics background with extremely eye-catching aircraft details. This is also the biggest attraction for players of this game. Because in the genre of simulation games, the realistic element that resembles reality is the most important. When I first experienced the game, I really had to say two great words because I was so surprised. When a MOBA game gives graphics quality, the image quality reaches such a great level.

Infinite Flight - Flight Simulator mod hack

Infinite Flight is the great success of game publisher Infinite Flight LLC. This is really a very good entertainment environment and also a place to help people who are passionate about airplanes who do not have enough conditions to realize their dreams. However, this gameplay is sold on the play store and app store at a price that not everyone can afford. Hack Infinite Flight is a completely free version with no fees. Moreover, you can unlock all the planes in the game easily.

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