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Iron Blade is set in medieval France. At that time ruled by King Philip, with low power and greed. Push the nation into deep debt with the Knights of Amaranth. But because he wanted to sit firmly on the throne, he had a team of powerful assassins chase and kill the organization. Creating conditions for the demon king to rise, leading to a series of monsters engulfing France in a deadly tragedy. In the gameplay, the player assumes the role of Damian, the only surviving knight of the organization. Will stand to stop the bad situation, against the legion of hell and King Philip. Bringing peace and tranquility to the good people. Enemies are extremely strong, numerous, have a horror appearance, heart-pounding. But don’t let that make your fighting spirit shake. Equip the knight with modern weapons, solid armor ready to carry out the task. Along the way, monsters always appear anytime, anywhere, attacking the player’s life. Therefore, you must be very careful, highly focused, and judge the danger ahead. To promptly come up with a smart way to handle unexpected situations. Regular practice helps control the character masterfully, according to your will. And improve combat skills, accumulate a lot of experience can create many unique fighting styles. The gameplay owns a meaningful plot, many attractive features. It is sure to please the fans.

Download Iron Blade Mod – Transform into a knight to fight the demon king, protect the peace of France

Iron Blade Mod has easy to understand gameplay to help you get used to it quickly. The controller is designed to be optimized, so the character movement is not too complicated. When meeting an enemy, just touch the 2 main buttons to attack and defend. Knights will automatically launch powerful moves, constantly stunning the enemy and collapsing in the blink of an eye. Along the way, there are many deadly traps. Dodge them skillfully if you do not want to lose your life, unfortunately. Try to destroy as many monsters as possible to get valuable loot. In particular, you will receive achievement points and receive bonuses. Feel free to spend on other things. At the end of each game screen, there is always a big boss, whose power is not ordinary. So collect items along the way. Helps increase attack speed, damage stats, fast healing, etc. To fight better, secure victory, take him down easily. After completing will be transferred to a new level, and receive valuable rewards, attractive gifts. Gameplay has a variety of game modes to keep your experience fresh. For example Join PvP, PvE matches, capture resources, form guilds, etc. Each type brings a different thrill, equally interesting.

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Your knight will be provided with high-damage weapons to destroy enemies easily. For example Spear, knife, crossbow, sword, hammer, ax, knife, etc… These are all things associated with medieval heroes. They are designed to be realistic so you know how to use them quickly and feel like real combat. The weapon’s damage index will increase gradually through the game screen. Therefore, complete all tasks to maximize their power. In addition, the system also provides items such as armor, hats, shoes, shields, explosives, first aid boxes, etc… Helps improve the survivability of the knight.

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Complete mission

Your main task in the gameplay is to destroy monsters. Besides, the system will assign some additional challenges to help players always feel excited. For example: Collecting items, blood bags, searching for treasures, documents, etc. After completing, the knight is leveled up to become stronger, improving the basic stats of the body. And get more top-notch fighting skills such as Flying, punching, kicking, etc. Because the task will be increasingly difficult and dangerous, requiring players to have endurance, strength worthy of formidable monsters. than. Besides, you will receive valuable rewards, attractive gifts such as Costumes, support tools, weapons, etc.

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What impresses players most in the gameplay is the quality graphics. With a 3rd person perspective, it helps to observe the scene from all angles. The image is clearly shown to every small detail, smooth character movement. Bright colors, harmonious coordination contribute to deeply carve the magnificent beauty of medieval France. Create an impressive, cool knight with a series of attractive skins. Diverse, lively sounds of monsters, people, weapons clashing, etc. Background music is sometimes gentle, sometimes dramatic, heroic changes continuously in each battle situation. Beautiful lighting effects, making character movements more realistic.

Iron Blade mod apk

Iron Blade recreates a heroic epic of medieval France. Players will be participating in fierce slashing battles. At the same time, you have the opportunity to explore many beautiful landscapes and mysteries in the past of the most famous country in the world today. Conquer all levels to upgrade continuously. Possessing superior power, overthrowing the evil forces. Download Iron Blade Mod destroy all evil monsters, become a legendary knight.

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