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Island King will take you to participate in the war of pirates on the vast ocean. The plot is about a girl who lives with her tribe on an island. Because of her curiosity and playfulness, she and her two friends went on a journey to explore the sea. After returning, the beautiful village she lived in was heavily destroyed. All the people here have been kidnapped. You will transform into the character and help her plan to rescue everyone. The first thing to do is to restore the island. Thus, players will need to have an amount of money to start building new buildings. You will collect coins from the wheel of fortune or attack enemy residences. Build a boat and start challenging, become a mighty pirate. Joining with friends will make the gameplay more interesting.

Download Island King Mod – Start the journey to build a strong island

Island King Mod gameplay is quite simple. The deserted island has nothing and you need to upgrade them all. Start earning coins by participating in the wheel. They will provide a decent amount of money to help you build buildings. However, the number of rotations is not too much. Waiting for spins recovery takes a lot of time. Therefore, if you are lucky to hit the loot box, you will get a huge amount of money back. When upgrading enough buildings in this map will be unlocked for the next map. The left corner of the screen has a star icon. That is the unit to show the might of your village. Fighting in the vast ocean space is an interesting thing. And beautiful islands are still waiting for you to conquer.

Game Island King mod

Build the island

When starting to join Island King the player is provided with a deserted island that is uninhabited. You will have to build from the smallest works such as Planting trees, building houses, ports, small gardens, etc. You can even build your own boat to make a journey to become a pirate. . The more you upgrade, the more massive and beautiful the buildings will become. But that also means a relatively large amount of gold is needed. The more maps you pass, the more stars you will collect. It is the unit that represents the might of your village. Try to earn a lot to put your name on the world leaderboard.

Rotation luck

The wheel of fortune plays an important part in Island King. It’s a place for players to do the gold collection, attack, loot, and shield protection. For example, when you hit the shooting box, you will use grenades to destroy the buildings of your friends or enemies. The loot box will open 3 villages and you have the option to choose where to store the most coins. The spins box will get you more spins. The shield is used to protect the village from attacks from enemies. However, to be able to perform the spin operation requires a certain amount of spins. Once it’s over, it takes time to recover. If you are rich in money, you can buy them at the shop.

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By joining Island King you will have the opportunity to meet and compete with all players around the world. The wars have an endless back and forth when both sides can take revenge on each other. What’s more interesting is that you can link to your Facebook account. You can share gaming moments on social networks. Invite your friends to join the battles on the island. Regularly visit the village of relatives, giving spins back and forth. Compete on the leaderboard to see who holds the most stars. Thus the gameplay will become more and more attractive and interesting.

Island King mod

Graphics and sound

Island King is like a lively animated movie. Giving players the feeling of being adventured into a virtual world. Because the graphics are designed in sharp 3D, coordinate many colors. The character appears with a super cute and funny appearance. Each map is a scene of the island with different unique constructions. Especially the effects when tossing gold coins are very eye-catching. Fun, highly entertaining background music. The sound of construction, or the sound of smashing when attacking the enemy’s village, creates excitement.

Tai Island King mod

Your life will be much more interesting when you have Island King with you. Experience becoming a pirate who loots destroys, and builds your own island. Help your village become more and more beautiful and powerful. Compete with friends around the world. Simple gameplay, unique sound image. Many maps for you to explore and conquer. Surely the gameplay will bring players great relaxing moments.

Download Island King APK 2.35.1

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