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Jade Empire Special Edition Mod is a role-playing game, combining action elements. The setting unfolds in an ancient kingdom of China. The events of the past taking place are extremely attractive, along with an impressive plot. Bring you to the dramatic 1vs1 battles, but no less exciting. Besides, you can explore the vast land of the ancient kingdom. Role-playing as a warrior, heir of Linh Tang. Your mission is to fight with the king’s army. At the same time, challenge yourself in battles with goblins and demons that appear in the kingdom. With the goal of finding the heart of Thuy Long Than.

Download Jade Empire Special Edition Mod – The War To Find The Water Dragon God

More than 20 years ago, Master Li saved a child from assassins. He left the land of Nhi Ha to a new land. At the same time, he changed his identity and set up a martial arts club to live in. For the purpose of concealing the identity of himself and the child. Everything thought it was over, but more than 20 years later. The darkness has returned, the assassins of the old assassin have appeared. They took the name of the imperial army that was sent. For the purpose of killing the old child. The assassins quickly destroyed the dojo and killed everyone present. Make Master Li’s dojo become a desolate battlefield.Game Jade Empire Special Edition Mod

A story from many years ago

The story of Jade Empire Special Edition Mod is gradually revealed through the narration of Master Li when he is about to die. The old child was the heir of Linh Tang. The old warriors once stood up to protect Thuy Long Than. Many years ago, Emperor Sun Hai attacked the Tu Ca Temple. With the purpose of stealing the heart of Thuy Long Than to release the drought seal. He killed all the Spirit monks in the temple. Soon after, the drought passed, but the emperor Sun Hai’s kingdom suffered heavy consequences. Thuy Long Than was taken away, there was no longer any strength that could control the flow of water. Causes water monsters and evil spirits to appear. Master Li is the old warrior of Tu Ge Temple and the child he saved is the only surviving heir of the heroes.Jade Empire Special Edition Mod

Combat Missions

By joining Jade Empire Special Edition Mod you play the role of a successor of the Spirit Tang. Carrying the responsibility on the shoulder of the task is very important. Can decide the survival of the whole kingdom. Leaving aside the story of the past, you will have to fight the assassins. Against the powerful force of the army of King Sun Hai. At the same time have to fight the sea monsters, goblins are preparing to attack the kingdom. Your main goal is to find Thuy Long Than to neutralize the flood. Bring the monsters and demons back to hell, where they are held. This is a tough challenge, requiring your will and fighting skills. Throughout the battle, the enemy keeps getting stronger. Make you use all your strength to defeat.Download Jade Empire Special Edition Mod

Perform combat skills

The gameplay of Jade Empire Special Edition Mod takes place in real-time. Enter hand-to-hand combat with the enemy. You can perform many different skills to attack. Use punches and kicks to attack enemies. Even summon the power of summoned beasts to deal critical damage. Causes the enemy to consume a large amount of health and suffer defeat before your combat skills. Besides, you need to learn how to defend. Observe and judge quickly to dodge enemy attacks. Protect life is safe. Limit the opponent’s attack by moving flexibly. Combine attacks with precision to knock down enemies.

Role-play as many other characters

In addition to playing the role of a successor of Linh Tang. Players can transform into many different characters in Jade Empire Special Edition Mod. Each character in the game is a powerful warrior. They possess outstanding combat ability, with their own unique skills. You can develop your character’s skills in many different ways. At that time, the warrior can create many attacks during the battle. As well as the moves are changed flexibly, making it difficult for the enemy to defend.Tai Jade Empire Special Edition Mod

The graphics of Jade Empire Special Edition Mod are designed to be extremely realistic. Recreate the ancient background of China. From the environment, the scenery to the battles. Besides, create a unique character with an impressive appearance. Combined with each character’s skill effect during combat. Along with the flexible movement of the character, shown through steps, attacks. Realistic sound changes flexibly, matching each character’s actions. Footsteps when running or skills used in battle. Mixed with soothing background music, help you have a fascinating adventure.

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