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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)

Join Johnny Trigger Sniper you will become a professional shooter. Be a member of the special anti-crime team in the city. The main task of the player is to fight, shoot down all the robbers and thieves that are destroying here. The system will provide weapons, equipment, and protective gear to help you be ready and confident to fight. Standing on the roofs of high-rise buildings to observe all activities and happenings in the city. When you see the enemy appear, there are signs of criminal behavior, immediately pull out your gun and aim. The number of enemies is not too large, but they are extremely well camouflaged. If you don’t pay attention, it will be very difficult to detect. Need to be very calm, pay attention to each activity with everyone. Create yourself a squad dedicated to hunting criminals.

Download Johnny Trigger Sniper Mod – Control all activities of bandits

When you join a dedicated bandit team, you will receive a lot of benefits. It is allowed to use guns anywhere without worrying about breaking the law. Meet, exchange, fight with the top famous gunmen in the world. In Johnny Trigger Sniper Mod challenges, tasks are quite difficult to complete. For example, You just need to shoot at the wrong person or simply don’t hit the opponent and you will be defeated. Making people feel fear and panic. Must be very calm, accurately judge the enemy. In a series of raids on the turret, the enemy’s base is opened. The danger is very high, if you let them find out, you will immediately be attacked from all sides. It is difficult to resist the overwhelming number of enemies. Install a silencer for your gun so that when shooting, the enemy will not detect it.

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Diverse arsenal

The guns in Johnny Trigger Sniper Mod are extremely modern, with extremely high damage in each shot. Maybe 1 shot of the trigger caused the enemy to fall immediately. You need to accumulate a certain amount of coins to unlock your favorite guns. For big events, the system will assign tasks for you to perform. If you do well, you will also receive a huge bonus. Sniper, M4A1, Bazooka are the guns you will use in the first levels completely free. When you have won many victories, completed tasks, and received coins, you can unlock more new weapons that you like extremely easily.

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Characters and skins

The character has a very special appearance. The design looks like tiny, tiny people. The face has no eyes, mouth, etc… This is not found in any action game on Mobile. The difference has created a brand for the publisher, the attraction for players to experience is extremely interesting. Accompanying the characters will have quality skins and costumes. Will help you get interesting experiences, create your own unique style. In addition, you can also use other fashion accessories such as Glasses, hats, shoes, belts, etc. Expressing the standard personality of a senior anti-crime special agent.

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Weapon Upgrade

Weapons after each play will lose power. You need to upgrade and improve to be able to ensure the next matches. Especially, please equip with good and quality accessories to help your gun become more powerful. Faced with deadly dangers, you need a gun with guaranteed power. Upgrade faster fire rate, greater damage, etc… Especially the reload speed needs to be short so that the enemy can’t escape.

Funny graphics

When experiencing it, I found this gameplay has quite funny graphics, similar to some fighting cartoons. However, that does not affect the gameplay, the nature of the game. Design characters, weapons, equipment, combat environments, etc…. Extremely real, just like in reality. Give players a feeling of excitement, fighting fiercely, much more eager. 3D image quality for all operations, smooth movement, no lag or delay when playing.

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For those of you who love the action game genre with funny graphics, Johnny Trigger Sniper cannot be ignored. This is truly a fascinating, wonderful experience. Engage in dramatic gun battles between you and the bandits. Combine with your teammates to fight, capture all enemies. Don’t give them a chance to harm people. Unlock more modern, quality guns to help you complete the assigned system tasks more easily.

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