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Jumanji: Epic Run is inspired by the famous adventure movie of the same name Jumanji. A movie with great meaningful content is now included in the game. Satisfying the desires of fans around the world. Participating in the gameplay, the player has the task of finding the stolen treasure. Accompanying you are 3 characters, they all have a certain role in this adventure. Will join forces with you to chase the thief and put the treasure back to its original location. Along the way, players will have to constantly dodge obstacles. If you touch them, it will be very dangerous to your life. Not only that, evil monsters are ambushing on the way and will suddenly attack. Players must be very careful, calm, and counter-attacks constantly causing them to disintegrate. Collect gold and items that will appear on the way. Gold can be used to spend on many jobs. And the item will have a lot of useful uses that you can’t expect.

Download Jumanji: Epic Run Mod – The journey to chase the thief, regain the treasure

Jumanji: Epic Run Mod has a treasure trove of adventurers’ hard work. But because of negligence, the bad guy took the opportunity to steal it. So you need to find it quickly. You will choose for yourself a favorite character from the 4 adventurers and go on a quest. That thief has run into the jungle, let’s chase him. Players will be overwhelmed by the majestic scenery in the forest. But there are also many pitfalls that will make you die if you are not careful. This chase distance is extremely long, causing the character to lose physical strength. Players can use the collected gold to buy blood bags for the character to recover and continue running. When you encounter obstacles, use your fingers to swipe left, right, top, and bottom. Let the character dodge safely. Practice playing a lot to be able to control the character really well. And also to practice sharp reflexes and handle unexpected situations intelligently and skillfully.

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Character system

Jumanji: Epic Run Mod has 4 characters who are adventurers in Jumanji. Everyone has their own strengths. If you are a fan of any character on the screen, you can own it. They are shaped in a cartoon style, so they are extremely humorous. Each person will possess a special strength that should be able to run hundreds of kilometers. Or can crush beasts and kill monsters easily on the way. And their skills are all very interesting you can use such as: Fighting with nunchucks, throwing boomerangs, dancing, jumping very high, etc. They will assist players a lot along the way.

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Collect items and tools

In the process of chasing the thief, you will receive valuable items. They will increase the character’s attack power and running speed. Their strength was enough to defeat huge and dangerous monsters. In addition, along the way will often appear extremely useful tools for players. Magnet is a bar magnet that will collect all nearby gold bars. You will only need to go in a straight line and it will suck them all up. The shield has the function of protecting your character that can go through obstacles. Gold Doubler will double the amount of gold you have collected. Note: These tools only work for a certain time, so you should make good use of them.

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Various maps

In Jumanji: Epic Run Mod, there are many beautiful landscapes, helping players not to be bored when experiencing for a long time. After each level, another location will be unlocked. And so on, the player will go to the ends of the earth. The landscapes that are loved and voted by many people are pine forests, deserts, needle forests in the snowy season, and world-famous cities. Each place will have a type of running terrain. Sometimes you will have to climb the towering mountains. And there are big rocks that will fall, if not avoid you will die and stop the game. It is because of such dangerous challenges that many gamers have to stop, unfortunately.

Game Jumanji Epic Run mod

Graphics and Sound

The publisher wants to realistically simulate the thief chase of Jumanji explorers. Therefore, specially designed gameplay with sharp 3D graphics. Helps players have many viewing angles and is easy to observe. The details and images are elaborately built. Together with the harmonious color combination create beautiful scenes. Diverse, vivid sound helps players feel closer. Funny, witty background music will make the race no longer tiring. When items, tools, and gold appears, there are special effects to impress players.

Jumanji: Epic Run for players to satisfy their passion for exploration. You will discover a lot of cool things that in real life cannot. Travel through beautiful locations and see some of the most famous cities in the world. Gameplay will train your quick thinking, quick reflexes, and agile maneuvering skills through obstacles. Download Jumanji: Epic Run Mod on the journey to chase the thief and find the treasure.

Download Jumanji: Epic Run Mod APK 1.7.7 (Unlimited money, berries)

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