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1. MOD Menu
2. Unlimited Actions // Unlimited Action Chains
3. One Hit Kill // Kill Enemies with 1 Hit

NOTE: Make sure to enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps

Modded by TheArmKing

Knighthood Mod is a role-playing game with an attractive RPG fighting style. Your mission is to control the knight, participate in the fight against the dark forces. At the same time equipped with powerful weapons, defeat the enemy to win. The game is a perfect combination of role-playing and adventure, published by King. In addition to fighting the enemy, you also have to develop the strength of the knight. Upgrade weapons and equipment to increase combat ability. What’s more, you can join a guild, chat with everyone and increase solidarity.

Download Knighthood Mod – Become a Rage Knight Fighting Dark Forces

The context of Knighthood Mod takes place in the peaceful land of Astellas. In the past, this place has experienced many wars and was saved and protected by the Knights of Rage. It wasn’t long before the dark choice, led by Lord Karnon, invaded this beautiful land. Besides, there are many guardian warriors who have been corrupted and become his subordinates. Join the game, you become a new Rage Knight. Bear the responsibility on your shoulders, with the task of protecting the land of Astellas. Enter the fierce, dangerous battles. With the goal of defeating Lord Karnon, and destroying the corrupted warriors.Knighthood Mod

Fight to protect your homeland, the difficulty will increase gradually

Participating in the battle of Knighthood Mod you will face a lot of dangers and challenges. Your enemies are not just corrupt warriors and lords Karnon. But there are many monsters, goblins, and other wild animals. Initially, the battle site takes place in the land of Astellas, your home. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually after you step into the next lands. Monsters, enemies appear more, causing you to lose your life at any time. It is unknown how long the battle will last, but you must definitely be stronger to survive. At the same time save the homeland from the invasion of the dark forces.Game Knighthood Mod

Use the power glove to fight the boss

The gameplay of Knighthood Mod is turn-based. This is an advantage for knights to fully utilize their combat abilities in terms of physical attacks and skills. During the battle, you can use the power gauntlet to summon the ancient hero. At the same time, the gauntlet will accumulate fury every time you attack an enemy. When the fury reaches its maximum, the hero will use a special ability to deal massive amounts of damage to the enemy. It can even cause enemies to be destroyed with a single hit. Besides, going through a few battles, you will have to fight the boss. Possessing a large body, high fighting power, along a huge amount of blood. Makes it very difficult to defeat, and it is also supported by a few small monsters.Download Knighthood Mod

Rage Knight Upgrade

The difficulty of the game will gradually increase when you join the next battle. At the same time, the monsters are getting stronger and stronger, making it very difficult for you to fight. If you want the Rage Knight to go further, you need to upgrade your strength. Knighthood Mod has a lot of equipment for you to upgrade. Includes weapons, costumes, cloaks, shoulder armor, leg armor, arm armor. Each piece of equipment after being upgraded will increase the corresponding power. Weapons, for example, will increase damage per hit. Outfits, increase defense, help knights withstand enemy attacks better. However, the upgrade is not free. In the early stages, you can upgrade with gold coins. They can be obtained from battles. But up to a certain level limit, you must use rubies to be able to upgrade.Tai Knighthood Mod

Summoning Ancient Heroes

In addition to upgrading the fighting ability for the rage knight. Players also have to summon ancient heroes. They are teammates that support you during combat. In Knighthood Mod each ancient hero possesses different strength and fighting style. What’s more, they can use special skills when the power gauntlet’s fury reaches its maximum. For example, the hero Grimm has the ability to freeze enemies. Or the sniper Ash, possessing the power of fire, can burn enemies and cause their health to decrease for 3 turns. There is even an ancient hero who possesses a thunder hammer, which can create a powerful thunderbolt.

Knighthood Mod’s graphics have an interesting cartoon style. The sharp 3D design and RPG gameplay will help you have a fascinating experience. Create diverse characters, with a unique appearance, possessing strong skills. In particular, the effect is extremely impressive, shown when ancient characters and heroes use skills. Give players a sense of excitement and increase excitement. Combined with lively sound, expressed through the skills and attacks of characters and monsters. In addition, players can join guilds. Chat with everyone and learn a lot of combat experience.

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