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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Last Viking Mod is a role-playing game with an interesting survival style. Transform into a Viking in a vast world. This place is like a wild forest, with countless dangers around. Your task is to maintain life and develop yourself. Build houses to make hiding places, avoiding dangers from the surrounding environment. At the same time collect resources, search for materials to make weapons. Use them as tools to fight enemies or for hunting. The game is built with open gameplay, you are not restricted by anything. You can freely move around, do what you like. Enjoy your own adventure in a beautiful, but equally dangerous world.

Download Last Viking Mod – Become a Viking with Survival Mission

Coming to Last Viking Mod, the player transforms into the last Viking to survive the destruction of humanity. Appears on completely new land, with no equipment on his body. Your mission starts from zero, using stone as a tool to hunt and exploit resources. Look for ancient trees to build hiding places. Also, use the collected materials to make weapons. In the process of doing work, your energy decreases day by day. Be quick to find food and water to sustain life. Use weapons to hunt wild beasts. But not all animals can hunt, beware of some wild animals. They will attack predators.Download Last Viking Mod

Facing many challenges in harsh environments

In the journey to survive in the land of Last Viking Mod, you have to face many challenges. Not only being affected by the external environment but also facing many different enemies. The dry skeletons can move, they chase and attack you at any time. Especially the pirates, they will attack and steal all the resources you collect. That will cause great difficulty, make your effort become zero, and have to play from the beginning. Therefore, in any situation, you need to handle it intelligently. Choose to attack to show your strength. Or choose to run if you are not strong enough to fight the pirates.Game Last Viking Mod

Construction of houses, blacksmith shops

Building a house is one of the important things for you to cope with nature. At the same time can protect yourself from danger around. However, building a complete house is not easy at all. Especially in the early stages of Last Viking Mod because you don’t have anything yet. The stone can only be used as a mining tool. Smashing big rocks and chopping down old trees takes quite a while. Requires your perseverance and efforts to successfully build a house. After collecting enough materials, you need to wait a while for the house building process to complete. Then continue to find enough materials to build the blacksmith shop. Using new weapons will help you achieve better performance in the process of survival.Last Viking Mod

Weapon system

To be able to survive in an environment full of dangers around. In addition to building buildings, you need to own a collection of weapons. Last Viking Mod has a lot of powerful weapons for you to equip. Includes ax, sword, hammer, bow and arrow, even a rifle. In the process of survival, you are carried with many different weapons. Choosing the right weapon for each use will help you achieve high efficiency. For example, using an ax can easily cut down old trees. Using a hammer will help you break rocks easily. Or use bows and arrows to hunt animals. Finally, use the sword and gun to protect yourself and attack the enemy.Last Viking Mod

The day and night effect in Last Viking Mod gives you enjoyment in every hour of play. Along with the fog, effect is reproduced very realistically. However, when fog appears, your vision will be limited. Be careful with your surroundings and always be in a state of combat readiness. Because you never know what’s waiting in that fog. Be it a skeleton or a bandit, they will cost you your life if you are not careful. In addition, the control system of the game is quite simple. It is similar to other survival games. Players only need to perform touches on the screen to move and use appropriate weapons. Also, touch the corresponding icons to use the hand to pick up items on the ground.

Download Last Viking Mod APK 0.30 (Unlimited Coins)

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