League of Stickman Mod APK 6.1.6 (Coins, Gems, Diamonds, Max Level, Recruitment)

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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Unlimited Money

Gems and coins increase when spent

League of Stickman has considered a monster to destroy the game with extremely attractive fighting action screens. Join, players will incarnate into heroic characters that are extremely similar to the legendary alliance. Choose a favorite character with a side-fighting character and start joining the fight. A lot of monsters on your way, they are very crowded and appear constantly to attack you. In the early stages, they seem to be very filial, but they will be stronger in the next levels and chapters. Each type of monster will have different advantages and disadvantages in terms of strength. Players need to skillfully attack and dodge their attacks so as not to be defeated. League of Stickman Mod throws players into extremely satisfying gameplay, chopping and slashing hands to destroy many monsters. In addition to basic attacks, you can use 4 more combat skills of your character to deal damage to enemies. Move right or left to search for monsters. And yet, changing the controls between your two characters will help you maximize your combat advantage.

Download League of Stickman Mod – Fighting action to destroy monsters

Released by DreamSky, with extremely special 3D graphics technology in gameplay design. Created for players the most authentic battles .. Beautiful game image with extremely satisfying fighting skin effects. The uncompromising battle breaks out, you have to be very resilient when facing an extremely powerful enemy. Opposing the boss is extremely devastating, making you need to be very careful, one of his attacks is extremely large. With the gameplay is quite simple, fighting to destroy monsters easy to understand is not complicated. Hit or be destroyed is the motto when you play this super gameplay. Kill them as fast as possible because their teammates are very crowded, you will quickly be surrounded by them in just one note. In each battle, you will collect a large number of coins when you destroy the monsters that you destroy. Then you will upgrade your character to become stronger, more dominant in each battle. The Anger of Stick 5 Zombie action game of fighting to kill zombies.

League of Stickman Mod

Diverse game modes

Destroying unlimited zombies without being boring. Hack League of Stickman gives you 5 very special game modes. With each game mode, there are interesting types of play, the most dramatic experience when you destroy monsters. The game modes are not too harsh, it will have easy to difficult levels to challenge players gradually.

  • Daily mode: It will unlock you after chapter 3.
  • Campaign mode: In this mode, players are given 3 additional levels such as normal, elite, Abyss, and Nightmare. In this mode, you also have to pass the normal level to unlock the next level.
  • Event Raid Mode: Players will have 3 main options including event size, quest, and arena.
  • Challenge Mode: Offering two types of experience like world bosses and endless modes. However, in this mode, you need to pass chapter 4.
  • Ranking mode: Ranking is also quite good.

Special hero character

Characters in the game are quite diverse for you to choose from. Each character has a different strength as well as a fighting mechanism. Includes 30 characters for you to experience. At first, you will be a free Gus hero, then you need to collect diamonds/gems to recruit the next hero. The heroes in the game are: Athy, Bm, Santa Claus, Zack, Taoist, rose, pulse girl, Bane, spatula, fish, ninja, monkey, samurai, raven, sven, etc … many more Another name for you to choose from. Shadow Knight is also an option for you if you want to upgrade and improve your character to your liking.

League of Stickman Mod game

Equip weapons – items

Equipping weapons, supporting items for your heroic character is essential. Because doing so will help your hero become more and more powerful. You need to do is to collect weapons, shields, runes to equip the character. Each character will require different equipment, so you need to equip the right weapons or items to promote your strength. Please pay attention to parameters such as strength, hp, damage, exp, defense. Because it is what speaks of the hero’s fighting ability. The higher the leveled weapon or item, the stronger your character will be.

League of Stickman Mod feature

  • Unlimited Money

Sketches of a climactic, satisfying PK battle between legendary heroes. Do you want to do great things, defeat monsters and protect the world? All will be in League of Stickman Mod for you to experience. Download League of Stickman Mod modified version at LMHMOD with unlimited money mod feature and many other functions that help you plow extremely well. The game is easy to play, your heroes will have more power to destroy the ferocious monsters out there. What are you waiting for without catching a battle!

Download League of Stickman Mod APK 6.1.6 (Unlimited Coins, Gems)

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