Left to Survive Mod APK 4.9.0 (Menu, Damage, Ammo)

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MOD V1 Unlimited Ammo

MOD V2 Menu mod

After starting the game, click the circle button on the top left to open the mod menu with the following features:

  • 1000 rounds in the clip (including pre-mission);
  • Instant Recharge;
  • High damage (pops before the mission);
  • Consumables (such as knives and first aid kits) are not wasted after use.

If you can’t pass any point in the game, turn off all mods and try again.

Left to Survive Mod is set in a future world in which there is a worldwide crisis, monsters are formed from humans after being infected. People turn into zombies they have no control over just wanting to destroy, from in their uncontrollable behavior. The game is developed by My.com BV game house with many great shooting games that are loved by many players with many downloads. Especially this game will give you a new feeling with a world coming to an end, people now no longer have a peaceful life. No longer able to focus on production that is about to be destroyed, now people stand up to fight, pick up their weapons to fight for their own life.

Download Left to Survive Mod – The War for Humanity

A world that is dead to humans is not left alive by many people in the world anymore, people are on the road to extinction. A world where humans no longer have control, but now the undead have full control. In Left to Survive Mod, you will have to control your character with your abilities. The main character’s equipment is the power to be able to resist those undead armies to perform the tasks that are available. Made for you to perform and survive in this world. You need to equip the character with the equipment that is weapons, guns, grenades with great power. Create an advantage to have the power to kill the undead, shoot far away on monsters that can’t touch you, causing you to die.Left to Survive Mod

To survive in this world, to save the world must always be meticulous in every step of the fight, carefully calculating each step carefully in all cases, not being subjective. If you are not careful, you will have to stop here because those undead monsters often go in large numbers and are easy to attack if detected. You will always have to move forward, enhancing your abilities as well as adding equipment. The strength of the character is strengthened to get a high win rate to overcome all the holy trials to look forward to the future for humanity.

Base Building

In a world where there is always the danger that can affect life. You cannot continuously fight, you will have to take time to rest, as well as prepare yourself with the best equipment to fight this undead. In Hack Left to Survive, you can build yourself a place to hide, need to build a strong base capable of ensuring safety to prepare for battle. Although it will cost a small amount of money, this is something that is really necessary. If you have a base, the zombies also have a place to fight. It is possible to attack their places to get more materials to strengthen your hiding place.Game Left to Survive Mod

War Between Warriors

To create more excitement for players, as well as more experiences in Left to Survive Mod, in addition to fighting with dangerous undead, you can also fight and interact with each other. To see who is stronger is also to exchange between players. It will be a battle of different players with an online connection increasing the interaction between the warriors in the game and the players in real life. The player’s war is not inferior to fighting the undead, it will be an even fiercer battle that uses all his abilities to prove himself a good player is a strong warrior. strong.

The best shooting games are the games with battles with monsters that can affect your life at any time and the gun is the most important weapon that decides your life or death. What’s better than when a shooting game always has to consume a huge amount of ammunition but Left to Survive Mod has Unlimited Ammo, you no longer have to worry about bullets. You can shoot freely until all the undead is annihilated. At times of stress, the monsters are rushing to have the Quick Reload function, there’s nothing like it. Constantly being changed ammo to not miss the opportunity to destroy this undead to easily win a higher victory.

Download Left to Survive Mod APK 4.9.0 (Menu, Damage, Ammo)

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