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NOTE: Mod doesn’t work in the Academy section

Leturn is set in the land of the same name, which is in danger of being invaded by the forces of darkness. It is known that this place hides many valuable treasures. If all of them are gathered together, they will possess boundless power, able to revive all things. Monsters are also actively searching. In order to serve the evil plot, take over the entire earth. Therefore, it is necessary for heroes to stand up in time to prevent a bad situation from happening. Here, players will transform into fire magicians possessing powerful magic and superior intelligence. There is a task to destroy the forces of darkness, collect all treasures, protect the human world. Those monsters are extremely aggressive, big, strong. Dealing with them must be very careful, carefully calculated, and know how to take advantage of loopholes. That way, you can be sure of the victory and ensure your life. Gather allies along the way will help complete the task easily and quickly. Equipped with modern weapons, body protection equipment helps to fight better. Pass many levels to be continuously upgraded and maximize your magic power. Quickly collect treasures, return the inherent peace of the beautiful land of Leturn. Gameplay has a rich game mode for you to conquer.

Download Leturn Mod – Use magic power to protect the land of Leturn from the invasion of the dark forces

In Leturn Mod you can transform into 1 of 3 characters: Windy, Aria, Xenos. Each person will have their own strengths and interests. Choose to match your skills to fight most effectively. Gameplay brings a simple control mechanism to help players get acquainted easily. Including Joystick in the left corner, skill buttons in the right corner of the screen are easy to distinguish. With just a few basic operations, it is possible to launch attacks to defeat the enemy. You have to fight and at the same time search for treasures. Therefore, it is necessary to have help from allies to smoothly overcome missions and challenges. Monsters always appear to attack suddenly, taking the player’s life at any time. Stay focused, look around. To promptly provide a way to handle inappropriate situations in a smart way. Collect valuable items to increase the team’s fitness. Avoid the pitfalls on the way if you don’t want to stop the game immediately. Because when touching them, the character’s body will be weakened, leading to loss of life. Try to destroy a lot of monsters, to receive a huge amount of money to shop freely. At the same time, be upgraded in strength, ready to fight with the dark lord.

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Character equipment

To be ready for the fierce battle of life and death, players cannot lack weapons in hand. Help destroy the giant monsters. You should choose for yourself the most effective method, which is the gun. For example Machine guns, pistols, rifles, AK guns, submachine guns, etc. They have very high destructive power to help players defeat enemies from afar, ensuring their safety. After passing the level, have your weapon serviced to improve the damage stats. Ready to conquer more difficult tasks. The system will equip players with items to help protect the body such as Shields, armor, blood bags, first aid boxes, etc. In addition, you can use explosives to destroy all monsters, sweep their lair.

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Explore many places

The land of Leturn is known for its beautiful scenery and rich creatures. You will have the opportunity to go through all the locations such as Towns, cities, villages, deserts, savannas, etc. Each place hides different treasures. Players must quickly find out based on the information provided by the monk on the road. They are usually located in caves or deep valleys. Moreover, there are strict guardian gods. Take advantage of the opportunity, seize the opportunity to get the treasure safely. Conquer all levels to uncover mysteries, enjoy multiple locations in gameplay.

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Quality graphics

Leturn Mod is built on 2D graphics that bring players into an exciting fantasy world. Images are sharp to every little detail. The harmonious color combination creates a magnificent and beautiful scene. Character movements are extremely smooth. Accompanied by flashy effects to give people the most realistic feeling. Rich, clear sound from the tiniest noises. Soft, melodious background music brings a great sense of relaxation. Impressive, attractive character creation. Combine a variety of eye-catching skins to help your hero stand out in every moment.

Leturn mod apk

Leturn owns a compelling and meaningful plot to honor the merits of legendary heroes. Give players a useful and interesting experience. Conquer all levels with magical power, modern means of combat. Enjoy the feeling of glory with your teammates and own valuable rewards and attractive gifts. Download Leturn Mod journey to find treasure, destroy evil monsters, protect humanity from the evil plots of the forces of darkness.

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