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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Levelhead simulates the work of transporting goods through space. Belonging to the action game genre, the gameplay will have combat elements during the gameplay. You will have to deliver goods through challenges, difficulties, and monsters to reach the final destination. Players can train and train themselves in a professional, high-class delivery team. Lots of deadly dangerous traps you need to overcome. A large number can make your character trapped at any time. Due to many dangers, the amount you get when making a successful delivery is very high. Along with that is the crossing of space and time, players can admire much beautiful and majestic scenery. New gameplay, never appeared on the Mobile game market. Gameplay has an extremely large number of players,

Download Levelhead Mod – A journey to transport goods through time

There is a special thing in Levelhead Mod that is that you can design the levels yourself. In addition to the default maps, players can create many new levels by themselves. Customize the position of the obstacles, place dangerous traps everywhere. Unleash your creativity and do what you love. Try to be the best delivery man. You can then train more employees to do their own work. Building and developing the world’s best quality high-speed cargo transportation system. The more orders you have, the more money you will receive. Use that money to invest and expand the system. Please buy more new characters to ship goods faster. Become the tycoon in this field. Take your brand everywhere. Unlock more robots, They will help you transport a lot of goods. The success rate is also much higher.

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A series of challenges are set to test your intelligence. The robots can only handle situations according to your pre-programmed. Therefore, difficult challenges if you do not install them before the game, will not be able to overcome. In the next levels, the difficulty will be increased gradually, the robot will have more difficulties. Dodge all the obstacles, carefully observe the pitfalls on the way. Control your character to move to where the system requires, ensuring the goods are safe. Try to practice every day to improve your skills, faster reflexes.

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Various maps

The map system in the game is really rich. More than 40 maps with different levels for the conquest. All are not unlocked in the first place. When you complete the challenge in the previous location, the system will automatically unlock the next level. This will help players try harder to complete the task. Each place will have unique beautiful scenery. Especially the monsters are not the same. They change constantly making players feel dizzy. To win, you should learn about the structure of the map before starting the game.

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Dangerous traps

The pitfalls are part of the main difficulty and danger in this gameplay. Many obstacles cause obstacles that you cannot overcome. The speed is extremely fast, the extremely high damage level can cause the character to lose half his physical strength. Especially dangerous are the sawtooth machines. When you let your character crash into it, it will immediately die and start the game again from the starting line. Be very careful, quick reflexes to detect the location of the pitfalls ahead. Control your robot skillfully dodge everything.

Achievement Rating

After each game, the system will have a screen to evaluate your achievement points. The score will be saved by the system and displayed on the leaderboard between players. The top 100 people with the highest achievements will be registered and receive a reward system. After each week, the rankings will be updated with new names with the highest achievements. So in each game screen, try your best to complete the task in the fastest time possible. That way you can get the maximum number of whores.

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Overall Levelhead has really attractive graphics and gameplay. Attracting the attention of many gamers who love the action genre. To win many victories, conquer all levels in the game, you need to have top control skills. The reaction speed before the traps must be quick, dodging all the monsters. Always make sure that the goods are not affected by bad actors. Download Levelhead Mod to overcome challenges created by yourself.

Download Levelhead APK 100.0.62

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