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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)


  • Install MOD APK + OBB as usual. Then open the game for it to load 100% of the data.
  • Then, extract the file at LMHMOD, Open the folder 120 Skin.
  • Copy the files folder and paste it into the path Android/data/
  • That’s it, open the game and fight.


  • Access the path Android/data/ > delete the folder named Resources
  • Then open the game and reload the data.

Lien Quan Mobile is a team-based strategy MOBA game from the famous game publisher G, which has constantly caused a fever in the Vietnamese gaming community in particular as well as the world in general. Hundreds of millions of people all over the world download and play the game every day because of its unique gameplay, personal skills, and good teammates to defeat the enemy’s main house and win. This style of gameplay has been around since 2012 and until now, it is still in excellent form and appears on mobile, making it a huge fan base. The mod Lien Quan Mobile Mod (Menu / Looking Through Map / Skins) will make season 14 of this game extremely interesting.

Download Lien Quan Mobile Mod – Fight to protect the Kingdom

In this Mobile Mod, you will play as one of the many generals in the inventory that the publisher has released, along with 4 more teammates to protect your own buildings and destroy the enemy’s buildings to win. Because of the extremely team play of the game, each player will be in a different fighting position and support each other in a very good way to be able to handle extremely smooth and methodical phases. If you are a good player with top-notch skills and smart moves, then you will be able to carry all your teammates on your own to defeat all the enemies to bring victory. As a game that requires high teamwork, but if you have a superior skill level, you can completely handle all enemies, download this Lien Quan Mobile Mod right away to get the advantages. extremely expensive and carries all the teammates.

Different game modes

Lien Quan Mobile Mod has many different game modes for you to enjoy entertainment without being bored. The national mode that is played the most is the 5 vs 5 modes, you can choose to play casual for fun or enter the rank to show your assessment of your level through the levels of the game. , because the level of the player depends on the fight of the whole team, so you will fight with other players on a map with 4 moves are a bot, top, mid, and jungle if you really hit. A good position can help a lot in the team’s strategy. In addition to the 5 vs 5 modes, there is 1 vs 1 mode and other event modes of the game, in this 1 vs 1 mode, you will only solo with 1 enemy team, using skills and moves. of the champion, you choose to defeat the enemy champion.

Tai Lien Quan Mobile Mod

Vast game system

With a series of daily quests and gifts as well as accumulating a lot of time, we play the game extremely enthusiastically. A system of nearly 100 generals allows players to freely choose the generals that suit their playstyle and practice together. It will be divided into types of generals with distinct features such as assassin champions that can finish off the opponent very quickly but with low resistance, or the team’s gladiator generals will have a large amount of health and Extremely resistant armor that helps the enemy team’s normal attacks or skills. In addition, there are also general classes such as ADC, Mage, Support, each with a unique feature to blend together and create a team with extremely high-quality defensive attacks.

Graphics and sound

The graphics of Lien Quan Mobile Mod is something that is better equipped with other games of the same genre. Equipped with 3D graphics to help players move the target extremely flexibly without any delay. Design the generals in a different style with an extremely detailed investment in costumes, the map is also extremely vivid in detail to each blade of grass. As for the sound of the game, the extremely majestic voiceovers of the generals all have a voice that matches the character’s appearance. The sound of forest monsters or extremely sharp large targets showed how powerful they were.

With the Mod feature of Lien Quan Mobile including Menu, Looking Through Map, Skins, you will have the advantage of seeing all the map parts of the enemy side to know each position of the generals on the enemy team to have strategy more easily. With the mod’s full skins system, you will experience having all the skins of different generals without having to spend a penny to buy them. Download now Lien Quan Mobile Mod to join your teammates in exciting battles and help you have relaxing moments when participating.

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