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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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If you love to explore, curious about the work of a detective, then Life Gallery is definitely a good choice. The gameplay of the gameplay is quite simple but requires players to use their minds constantly. From the pictures, the player must find the key points of the case, based on that to answer the questions. Those are not ordinary paintings but full of horror. With mushy music, creating a creepy atmosphere for players. Gameplay is suitable for those who like to explore and conquer. World-famous classical paintings are also included in Life Gallery. The publisher transforms them into a picture full of mysteries for players to gradually discover. As long as you have great intelligence and a sharp mind, these challenges are too easy to overcome. In addition, players need to use their imagination to develop the plot. That gives the most accurate results.

Download Life Gallery Mod – Become a talented detective

The gameplay revolves around the story of two brothers in a family. They were born with a strange appearance. The elder brother has one eye and the younger brother has one hand. And the frequent appearance of the ghastly fish head. Your task is to uncover the mysteries in that house. Materials to learn are monstrous pictures. To get the answer, the player must find and move the picture accordingly. After solving each picture, deepen the sequence of events. Use your imagination, build a plot, find the most correct answer and complete the level. To decipher the player needs to use his intelligence and acumen. With Life Gallery Mod conquer all levels, become a great detective.

Life Gallery mod

Unique graphic style

The paintings in Life Gallery Mod are sketched in the direction of horror. In the process of solving the puzzle, the player can draw anything more to serve the process of solving the case. Discover the series of secrets of this horror family. Especially the origin of those strange fish heads. The publisher mostly designs static images, very little movement creates a more gloomy and dramatic feeling. Everything you need to look for is in the picture. Use intelligence to find the answer in the fastest way.

Life Gallery mod apk

Various levels

With more than 50 different paintings, Life Gallery Mod allows players to explore freely. Show your reasoning and analytical skills. Through each level, the difficulty is increased. At first, the evidence is quite clear, which you will see soon after starting. But later on, it was just a small detail. Requires players to observe carefully and reason logically to be able to decipher them. Higher levels may give you a lot of headaches to think about. But as long as you concentrate hard to find the anomalies, you can definitely decipher them. Then players will feel like they are immersed in a classic world. Each picture has its own interesting features. Try to pass all the levels and become the smartest person in Life Gallery Mod.

Game Life Gallery mod

Attractive sound and effects

In addition to the unique graphics, the sound and effects in the game are also very interested by the publisher. Dark colors and horror paintings create gloom in the game. When combined with creepy sounds, it will probably stimulate the player even more. The picture quality is guaranteed to be full HD, so you will feel the authenticity of every detail. That soft, ghostly sound will make players feel like they are diving into the world of Life Gallery Mod. Becoming a good detective is not easy. In addition to being smart, you also have to be brave. Because otherwise, it will be difficult to confront the horror images in here.

Simple gameplay

Life Gallery Mod gameplay is quite easy. You just need to pay close attention to every detail in the picture. Find the connection between them. Then deepen the chain of events together. Reason logically and logically to create a simulated plot. Give the most correct answer to pass the game screen. Each photo will have a certain content. Each painting brings players different feelings. You will see the novelty through each level and its unique style. This helps players become more immersed in the puzzle without getting bored.

Game Life Gallery mod

If you are passionate about exploration and deduction, then Life Gallery Mod is definitely a good choice. It’s not just a normal time-killing game. It can also stimulate your thinking, increase your creativity through unique levels. Lots of interesting puzzles are posed, each with its own depth and meaning. Try your hand at these challenges and don’t hesitate to give your own opinions. Download Life Gallery Mod to become a talented detective, solve all the cases, and discover more interesting and unique places.

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