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Update October 24, 2021 (2 years ago)

After the success of its predecessor, the publisher Cat Studio continues to provide a new version. This is the 2nd version in the Little Commander game series. Little Commander 2 Mod is a tower defense, strategy game. Lots of new features were added. Graphics are improved better than the previous version. Lots of new defense towers, which you can continuously upgrade and unlock during the battle. Along with the defensive tasks, defending the castle is extremely attractive. Or the appearance of a lot of superweapons will make the fight impressive. In particular, you can play 2 modes including independent and online. Each mode will bring defensive battles according to different tactics. This is a free game, but there will be some in-game items that need to be purchased with real money.

Download Little Commander 2 Mod – Prevent Military Attacks

The control interface of Little Commander 2 Mod is optimized. Help players easy to use can perform all operations quickly. This is a convenient advantage, because in the process of tower defense battles. You will have to do a lot of different tasks. Along with a simple control mechanism. You just need to touch, hold and swipe on the screen to perform combat missions. Place defense towers at multiple locations by dragging and dropping. Slide to upgrade towers or cell towers for some money back. It is possible to enlarge and reduce the map of the battlefield by controlling two fingers. With an optimally designed interface and control system. You can easily perform all activities during the game experience.Little Commander 2 Mod

Duties of a Commanding Officer

Play as a commanding officer of one of the three main forces in Little Commander 2 Mod. Your mission is to build a defensive tower battleground to stop the enemy’s attack. On a large battlefield, with a fixed route of movement. You place turrets at locations where enemies will move through. The tower will automatically attack when enemy forces come into range. Overcome each enemy attack in turn, in large numbers. From there, you will complete the task of defending the citadel. Keep coming for new tower defense wars. With more difficult challenges, the number of targets increases. The defense of each unit is stronger. But the reward you get after winning is extremely attractive.Download Little Commander 2 Mod

60 missions and 4 maps

Little Commander 2 Mod provides more than 60 missions for you to perform. Each mission takes place with a large number of enemies, with many different combat units. At the same time, there will be separate requirements for each task that you need to complete. Destroy a sufficient number of invading enemies. Or successfully block enough enemy attacks. From there will complete the task of defending the citadel. Besides, the missions will take place on 4 battlefields. Including in the city, in the desert, in the snow, and in the mountains. Each battlefield is a map with a different environment. Along with the appearance of buildings or trees on each map. Will occupy a strategic position, making it impossible for you to build an effective defensive tower battle. To solve this problem, you can destroy the surrounding objects. By using turrets to attack.Tai Little Commander 2 Mod

13 enemy units

At Little Commander 2 Mod there are 13 enemy units that you have to face in missions. Soldiers with guns, soldiers carrying artillery, soldiers operating tanks, planes, … and many more. Each enemy unit has its own unique ability, through movement speed and stamina. The minions have very fast movement speed, but poor defense. In contrast, tanks and planes have durable defenses. But the movement speed is slow. Not only that, the appearance of armored tanks will make your defensive tower battleground work at full capacity. Because of its good defense, and a huge amount of health. Can withstand a lot of fire from your defensive position. Arrange defense towers at suitable positions. You can destroy enemy combat units in each mission.Game Little Commander 2 Mod

Little Commander 2 Mod gives you 16 types of defense towers. Typically such as laser towers, sniper towers, mine towers, etc. Each type of tower has its own advantages and disadvantages. As well as the amount to unlock is also different. Select the most suitable types of towers to arrange on the battlefield. Then upgrade for each type of turret to increase damage to enemies. Upgrade the entire tower, you will create a powerful tower defense battlefield. Besides, there are 9 types of super weapons for you to use. Including EMP bombs, biological weapons, and nuclear weapons, etc. These are weapons with large-scale damage, with great destructive ability. When used, can create a large explosion, causing the enemy force to be destroyed.

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