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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Log Thrower Mod 3D is a Casual game provided by the publisher Boboxo. Bringing entertainment style, helping players have moments of relaxation. Currently, the game is developed on iOS and Android platforms, especially players can download it for free. The gameplay is quite simple, you just need to break everything and hit the target. Besides, the game has attracted a lot of participants on the Google Play application. Especially the Mod feature unlimited money and no ads will help you have the best experience.

Download Log Thrower 3D Mod – Shoot All Obstacles

Initially entering the Log Thrower 3D Mod, the player will be provided with a grinder. This will be the tool for you to sharpen and sharpen wooden or metal rods. To turn them into sharp weapons, with the goal of destroying the destination and winning. Just like in reality, when you sharpen something, you will have to tilt the sharpening angles to create the desired tool. In the game too, players need to tilt the screen so that the sides of the object they want to sharpen become sharp. However, in the grinding process, you need to be flexible so that the grinding edge exerts just enough force on the grinder. That will make a sharp and complete weapon with high damage. On the contrary, if you do not sharpen the tool becomes sharp. Will make the force to destroy obstacles is not high and not achieve the best effect.Download Log Thrower 3D Mod

Weapon Use

In the early stages of the game, you will use a light cannon. Along with the wooden stick as a weapon, but it’s just a normal type, so the damage ability is not high. Your goal is to hit the target to complete the mission. In the process, many obstacles appear on the way to prevent bullets from flying. However, after a while, Log Thrower 3D Mod will give you a lot of new weapons. It was metal rods, ice floes, or even explosive bullets and similar hard materials. The harder the weapon, the easier it is to destroy the obstacles.Game Log Thrower 3D Mod

Level of difficult

Pass each level, the difficulty of the game will increase gradually when you complete the previous level. At this time, the obstacles will appear denser and denser. Then not only the quantity is increased but the hardness is also improved. Makes it very difficult for you to destroy and shoot to the finish line. At this point, players need to upgrade their cannons to become more powerful. Log Thrower 3D Mod gives you 6 different cannons. Each cannon will have a stronger fire force, making the bullet fly faster and impact with a great force. Helps destroy obstacles easily.Ear Log Thrower 3D Mod


Besides, Log Thrower 3D Mod owns a diverse map system. Each map has its own color as well as different challenges. Along with that, players will experience many interesting things. For example, on the map at sea, your goal is no longer to destroy the wooden beer. Instead, aim for treasures containing a lot of gold. However, players will have to own more powerful weapons to be able to destroy everything. In some cases, when expanding the map you will encounter a lot of difficulties. Requires players to equip themselves with all the necessary things to continue to overcome the challenge. After completing the game screen you will receive a reward corresponding to the achievement achieved. Using that money, players can unlock and upgrade weapons.Log Thrower 3D Mod

When downloading the Mod version of the Log Thrower 3D game, players will experience unlimited money and no ads. Using that money you can unlock all the cannons. The ad-free feature, will help you experience the game in the best way. And is not affected or interrupted during play. In addition, Log Thrower 3D Mod is designed with simple 2D graphics. Harmonious picture quality makes players feel more comfortable. Combined with soft sound quality, with fun and exciting music friends.

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