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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Los Angeles Crimes Mod belongs to the action game genre, with a survival style. The game is designed with open gameplay, taking you into a large world. You play as many characters with different roles, discover many new lands. Together with other players build a global community. Games not only help you have relaxing times on your device. You can also fight or participate in many interesting activities. Fulfill your role in an activity when participating. Achieve the best performance, and receive many attractive rewards. Currently, the game is being released with a beta version. Developer Mohammad Alizade promises to provide players with the official version as soon as possible.

Download Los Angeles Crimes Mod – Survival in the City of Los Angeles

The context of Los Angeles Crimes Mod opens in the city of Los Angeles of the United States. Here, you become a criminal who is wanted by the police department. Survival in a large city, you can do all the activities you want. Move to every location on the map to escape. At the same time participate in illegal activities with many different roles. Not only alone, but you can also join other players. Explore the city with them or fight each other in dramatic solo combat. In particular, you can decide the number of participants. Using the character’s phone in the game, dial the desired number to contact another character. Show your skills to fight them, win to assert yourself.Dowload Los Angeles Crimes Mod

5 game modes with different roles

The most outstanding feature of the Los Angeles Crimes Mod is the diverse game mode. 5 unique game modes, help you have an interesting experience with many different roles.

  • Alone mode: You explore the vast map, moving to every corner of the city. With the mission of protecting lives and evading the police.
  • Racing mode: You become a professional racer. Control the car on a large track, compete directly with opponents. Show off your racing skills by reaching the finish line with the lead, becoming the winner.
  • Kicking mode: Your task is to put the ball into the opponent’s golf course. Score as many goals as you can to win.
  • Zombie survival mode: You fight the Zombies by using guns. Attack all zombies that appear in front of your eyes to save lives.
  • Team Battle Mode: Join the battle with other online players. With attractive shooting gameplay, you become teammates with professional shooters. Combine the right strategy to destroy all enemies.

Game Los Angeles Crimes Mod

Choose a character, explore 6 maps, survival skills

The gameplay of Los Angeles Crimes Mod has a survival shooting style. Start the game by choosing one of the 6 available characters. With 6 large designed maps, helping you to explore freely. Here, you can attack anyone on the road. Use guns to protect yourself, while fighting other people online. Show your survival skills by firing deadly bullets. Make enemies lose their lives, and at the same time confirm the status of a notorious criminal. Not only that, you can rob cars moving on the road. Attack people inside and drive to various locations. However, no matter where you go, you must always be on guard. Because danger can appear suddenly, causing you to lose your life at any time.Los Angeles Crimes Mod

First and third-person perspective, offline game mode

To give players the best experience, Los Angeles Crimes Mod provides two unique perspectives. Depending on your playing style, you can choose between the first and third person. Combine the flexible movement of the character shown through actions. Make you feel real. For example, when attacking people with punches. Or control cars in the race from the driver’s seat. And there are many other activities. Besides, don’t just play games in online mode. You can experience it anywhere and anytime with offline mode. Enjoy exploring the vast areas of the city. Simultaneously fight fiercely with zombies or engage in gunfights on the road.Los Angeles Crimes Mod

In the survival battle of Los Angeles Crimes Mod. Players can through the chat feature to play the game with other players. What’s more, is the top-notch 3D effect during the activities. Along with realistic simulated context. Roads, vehicles, surroundings are designed in detail and realistic. The combination of excellent sound quality is shown throughout the gameplay. The sound of gunfire, the roar of a car’s engine, the sound of a car’s horn. Or even the sound of running footsteps on the street.

Download Los Angeles Crimes Mod APK 1.6 Beta (Unlimited Ammo)

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