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LOST in Blue Mod is an adventure game with a completely new survival style. Role-playing as a character in the game, your mission is to find a way to survive on a deserted island. Not only must be affected by the natural environment but also face many dangers around. Mutant mummies, militiamen, wild animals, etc. can appear at any time. If you are not focused or let your guard down, you can easily lose your life. There are many different lands here, with abundant resources. Try to find to survive and find a way back to the mainland. With open gameplay, you are free to do what you like.

Download LOST in Blue Mod – Survive on the Island and Find a Way to Return to the Land

LOST in Blue Mod opens up a pretty fascinating story. During a flight over a large sea, unfortunately, a big storm caused the plane to crash. Besides you and a few lucky survivors, most people on the plane lost their lives. After waking up, you find yourself washed up on an island by the waves. Right now, you realize you need to find a way to survive here. And wait for the opportunity to leave the island, return to the mainland. This island is not just you. It also has a lot of other creatures and life such as mutant zombies, wild animals, and other strays. So, in addition to survival, you also have to learn how to protect yourself from the dangers around you.download LOST in Blue Mod

Gather resources, build camps, craft weapons

As soon as you start LOST in Blue Mod, the first thing you need to do is survive. Quickly search for food to sustain life. It is possible to sow seeds and grow food crops to provide food. Then gather materials to build a camp with some defensive buildings such as arrow towers, sensory towers, etc. This helps you to have shelter and protect yourself from danger. At the same time, craft weapons using collected materials use for hunting and attacking enemies.LOST in Blue mod

Connect with other players, divide the work

If you want to survive on the island of LOST in Blue Mod. You need to connect with other players to survive together. Build a solid base to carry out various activities. The division of work is one of the very important factors, helping you and everyone survive in this heat. Therefore, let’s share the tasks with everyone accordingly to achieve the best efficiency. For example, divide weapons forgers, fire makers, and food cooks. Don’t forget to send some people to guard and protect the base.LOST in Blue Mod

PVE and PVP. game modes

The game is developed by Volcano Force with 2 main game modes including PVE and PVP. This helps players not get bored after a period of experience. In particular, the PVE mode of LOST in Blue Mod is unlike any other survival game. Because you get to explore a lot of mysterious lands and adventure in a beautiful natural environment. Besides, when participating in PVP mode, you will accompany the survivors on the island. Together with form a team, search and collect resources to sustain life. At the same time find a way to return to the mainland.

Explore many places

In addition to finding ways to survive, you also have to adventure on many new lands. Discover the beautiful scenery of nature such as beaches, erupting volcanoes, frozen glaciers, swamps, and lush rainforests. Not stopping there, you can also explore the ancient underground country, learn about the abandoned temple with a mysterious death. LOST in Blue Mod even helps you explore the ship from 1980 and discover the mysterious research room. Everything in the game is reproduced very realistically. You can gather a lot of useful information and find valuable treasures. Along with that, a lot of danger goes on around. If you are not careful, you will have to pay a pretty expensive price, even losing your life.game LOST in Blue Mod

The game uses impressive 3D graphics. Character creation is extremely realistic, with flexible movements through each action. Each battle of LOST in Blue Mod takes place in a short time but brings an impressive experience. The picture quality is carefully refined, along with a multitude of beautiful scenes. Everything in the game is portrayed very vividly, along with the wild natural scenery. Besides, the sound quality is a highlight, giving players even more excitement. The soft background music, along with the character’s activities are shown realistically. For example, picking up items, fighting, or crafting weapons.

Download LOST in Blue APK 1.71.1

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