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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Lives increase when spent

If you want an interesting game but do not have a violent fight scene but want a game to relax your mind after long tiring days, the Lost Island Mod will be a great choice for you. Game developed by Plarium Global Ltd, in the game you will have yourself a large island surrounded by sea, this is an independent island. Immerse yourself in the natural scenery of the green island, stretching white sand beaches or beautiful forest. You have to develop this place into a resort with full amenities, turn it into a place worth living, combining luxury hotels with fresh nature. Just building the design, there is also a game that is Match, a very famous game that will make you unable to take your eyes off the game.

Download Lost Island Mod – An Exciting Island Experience

In Lost Island Mod you can see that this game has two main things that are two main functions of the game that are also part for you to experience. First, you will have to build the island to be beautiful, from a place with a slightly old hotel, the beach to a decorative place. Everything you need to rebuild to turn this place into a giant villa with a landscaped swimming pool also needs to calculate the reservation for the most reasonable. And if you want to get things to redecorate, the Match 3 game to stimulate the brain can not be ignored, you will get things to decorate your guests to become more splendid.Lost Island Mod

Game Of The Game

You can both show off your design skills and experience the game on Lost Island Mod, you can participate in different matches with enough different difficulty for you to test your own intelligence. Match 3 is a game that must use a calculation part to be able to get points, collect a lot of points through each match with a high score, you can be known by many people. A game that helps you get the most important items to decorate your island, be it fruits or even money. When you play you will probably encounter rocket boxes when you eat them you will see that they work and eat a portion of the tiles on the screen, see if you are the one to get the high score.Application Lost Island Mod

Mystery Discovery

This Lost Island Mod game does not stop at building, designing, or playing Match 3, but you can adventure on this island, because this is a large island, almost no one can know about the mystery of this island. If you have a little bit of adventure in yourself, you can try to explore all of this island to see what else you do not know will be a long story that not everyone knows. If you find that your character is not strong enough, you can try more people who know more about this place. There may also be treasures in this place, hidden valuables, everything for you to explore.Game Lost Island Mod


The designer of the Hack Lost Island is really meticulous, taking care of every detail so that the player has the best feeling when experiencing the game, especially the construction game. Every detail of an island with natural green forests, wide white sand beaches is recreated into the game, everything looks real. There are hidden treasures on the island so you can learn more about the island to help you see the magic of this island. There is also the Match 3 game, the cult game is transformed by the game by the blocks with outstanding pictures for your island.

With construction-style games like Lost Island Mod, building a completely refurbished island, money is extremely important when everything you need to buy requires money. Unlimited Money will give you the freedom to buy everything you need to decorate your island, a large amount of money you can freely use to show off your creativity making the island a place. great. You will no longer have to worry when there are not enough materials to decorate the building anymore, now the island will be yours for its changes will depend on you.

Download Lost Island Mod APK 1.1.986 (Unlimited Lives)

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