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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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1. Infinite Gold
2. Infinite Money


-UnlimitedGrenade (need 1)
-UnlimitedAidkit (need 1)
-HighLevel (buggy)
-HighDamage (enable before a mission)
-Freeze all zombie

NOTE: Do not use any mod during the first tutorial mission

Cre: Aldo13

The fighting game genre always seems to leave a deep and unforgettable impression on those who have experienced it. Because of the interesting gameplay as well as the attractive features that it brings. Among them cannot be ignored MAD ZOMBIES delights fans with modern guns. This will be a great tool to accompany players throughout the battle to destroy the horror zombies. Participating in this gameplay, you will shoulder the important responsibility of defending the last stronghold of humanity. Eliminate those hideous zombies, bring light and peaceful life to people. The system will provide players with modern weapons and armor sets. Get ready for the intense battle of humans with the bloodthirsty zombies. Make sure you have the right skills, Combat experience, and methodical tactics that can defeat them. Regular practice will help players have faster reflexes, know how to handle unexpected situations. Especially improve combat skills, confidently confront powerful, giant bosses.

Download MAD ZOMBIES Mod – Survive the zombie pandemic

The number of zombies in MAD ZOMBIES Mod is increasing, human life is also narrowing. Let’s transform into a talented hero to eliminate this terrible disaster. They will appear everywhere and attack the survivors. Quickly bring them to their safe base, avoid being discovered by the enemy will come in large numbers. Control your character to places where there are zombies. Kill them with just 1 bullet. The more enemies you destroy, the more rewards you will receive. If they gather too much, use the grenades. Causes all zombies to disintegrate and fly without loosing any strength. The journey to complete all the player’s tasks in this gameplay is extremely arduous. It takes a clear, reasonable strategy to conquer all the challenges and destroy the giant zombies. Along the way will appear valuable items. It will be a powerful tool to help you complete the task easily. For a chance to get the ultimate hero fighting skills.


Weapon system

Weapons are an important factor to help destroy enemies easily and quickly. Gameplay will provide players with the most destructive guns. These can be mentioned as Pistols, rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, etc. With just one press of the fire button, bullets will continuously spray out with terrible destructive power. Make the zombies fall one after another, nothing can stand in your way anymore. However, such good guns cannot be used for free. So work hard on all the tasks. Once completed, the amount of reward obtained is not trivial at all. Can let you freely unlock the modern weapons you love. Collect all kinds of weapons to be able to change continuously, suitable for the circumstances of each battle.

MAD ZOMBIES game mod

Hero upgrade

To conquer all levels in MAD ZOMBIES Mod, players will have to upgrade their heroes continuously. The difficulty level of the task is increasing, to overcome it requires strong stamina. Moreover, the resistance and damage stats must also be improved to survive until the end. Every time you complete a level, the system will automatically restore your physical strength and increase your basic stats. Get players ready for the next fierce battle. In addition, weapons are also upgraded, increasing their destructive power. Can destroy enemies several tens of kilometers away quickly. As long as you have absolute precision aiming skills. Completing all the levels, you will possess incredible strength that can defeat giant zombies easily.


Various missions

MAD ZOMBIES Mod has a diverse mission system for players to try. Not only destroy the undead but also rescue the survivors trapped in the rooms or basements. Be careful not to attract the attention of the enemy that will get you in big trouble. During the action, you must always concentrate and observe your surroundings. Also, collect precious items. Do not let them fall into the wrong hands will cause unpredictable consequences. Because these are hidden special powers that can gather all the power of fire, water, wind, etc. If you own them, you will quickly wipe out the pandemic and once again revive life on this earth.

game MAD ZOMBIES mod hack

Accompany your hero to conquer, discover exciting challenges in MAD ZOMBIES. To receive attractive draws, own cool items. Prevent the expansion of zombies, completely destroy them to make them completely disappear on the human planet. Download MAD ZOMBIES Mod, use modern guns to shoot down all enemies, become a legendary hero in the hearts of mankind.

Download MAD ZOMBIES Mod APK 5.27.0 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

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