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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Mafia Crime War Mod is a role-playing game with an interesting card battle style. Play as a gangster boss, performing illegal activities in the city. Open wars for territory, defeat other mafia gangs to expand territory. Or organize illegal racing in the city, collect legendary racing cars. Everything you do has a purpose, which is to earn money to develop your mafia clan. Despite obstacles and challenges from the law or other mafia organizations. You need to come up with a strategy to develop the clan, complete the mission of a gangster boss. With exciting card gameplay, you just need to arrange and come up with a strategy to perform the activities you want.

Download Mafia Crime War Mod – Become Infamous Mafia Boss

The plot of Mafia Crime War Mod is extremely attractive. You were once an FBI agent living in a mafia family. An unfortunate incident happened, the late father was assassinated by a newly formed mafia gang. Give up your dream of becoming an FBI in the service of the law. Now you become a city gangster tycoon. With the mission to continue the family tradition, and at the same time destroy the gang that assassinated the late father. Not only that, your goal is to turn your clan into the most notorious mafia gang in the city. Conduct illegal business activities to earn huge profits. Recruit other mafia gangs to become part of the clan. At the same time recruit more members to build a powerful organization.Download Mafia Crime War Mod

Manage illegal activities, make correct decisions

Starting from the business of illegal activities in the underworld. Your task is to run the criminal organization with many different activities. Mafia Crime War Mod requires players’ precise decision-making and management skills. Open illegal car races in the city, recruit top racers to attend. Collect weapons to equip clan members. Or looking for a hot, charismatic girl to date. Like a mafia boss, you can do everything you want. But you need to be careful before making a decision. Because each of your choices will directly affect the development of the family in an upward or downward direction.Game Mafia Crime War Mod

Recruit members

Besides running illegal activities, you also have to recruit more members. Search for notorious gangsters, invite them to join your mafia gang. Arrange a powerful mafia army, and be fully equipped with weapons to increase combat ability. Open purge wars between other gangs. Apply smart tactics to create a chance to win the match. Destroy all opposing mafia organizations to expand the territory. This helps you assert the position of a boss and make other gangs respect you.

Set up your own empire

Mafia Crime War Mod is known as the city of crime. This is an ideal place for notorious criminals to hide. Here you can establish your own criminal empire. Carry out illegal activities such as robbing a bank. Destroy businesses owned by other gangs. Or fight in the street, take down the eyesores. You are free to do any activity without being prevented or restricted by anything.Tai Mafia Crime War Mod

Many cities

Coming to Mafia Crime War Mod you can explore many famous cities. For example, New York, Tokyo, Sicily, … and many more cities. Each city takes place a lot of activities, along with challenges that you have to face. Overcoming those difficulties, you will earn a lot of money. And can bring his mafia clan growing more and more.

Graphics, sound

Mafia Crime War Mod uses sharp 3D graphics. The image quality is meticulously designed, with a unique battle scene. Shapes of the characters are portrayed realistically. Combined with the top 3D effects during combat. Besides, the sound quality is shown through the vibrant background music. Create engaging and dramatic battles.Mafia Crime War Mod

Similar to other role-playing games, the control system of Mafia Crime War Mod is quite simple. Not too complicated for players to use, but needs a short time to get used to. You just need to make a touch on the screen to control. Select the corresponding icons or features with one touch.

Download Mafia Crime War Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

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