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Update October 20, 2021 (2 years ago)
  • Selling a health potion will give a lot of money (for the mod to work, you need to turn off the Internet before launching it, otherwise the sale of the potion will give 50 gold instead of 300+ million).
    NOTE: If you don’t need a mod, run the game on the Internet.

Role-play as a heroic warrior on a mission to destroy demons in the fantasy world. Magic Rampage creates a series of difficult challenges that require players to have the determination and a strong will to fight. This journey is very long, you alone can hardly fight all the monsters. You need to create your own army of heroes. Let’s start this death battle together. The weapons you can use in this gameplay are pretty rudimentary. There is no appearance of modern guns, high-class combat vehicles, etc… Instead of the extraordinary strength of superheroes, the main weapons they use are swords, knives, hammers, ax, etc. Players need to practice skills, improve their experience every day. Starting from the boss vs boss mode, the system will guide you on how to use and defeat the enemy in detail.

Download Magic Rampage Mod – Dungeon Battle

Magic Rampage Mod takes you to a very dark, extremely scary room. That is the dungeon, where prisoners and criminals are kept. You are unlucky to be caught and detained here. Quickly find a way to overcome the iron bars, obstacles, and escape. Enemy troops are everywhere in the dungeon. To escape from this place, you have no choice but to defeat them all. There are places where the light flashes continuously, when you kill an enemy they will turn into a skeleton. The gloomy scene combined with the background music will make you feel a bit creepy and scared. Equip your warriors with the highest skills and spells. To be able to overcome all of them, do not be discouraged by any kind of monsters, traps. You need to focus on the game, all moves need to be agile and flexible.

Magic Rampage mod apk

Various enemies

The demons in that dungeon are extremely numerous and diverse. Behind them, there is an extremely powerful boss. Constantly spawning new types of monsters makes it very difficult to deal with. The more you move inside to find the exit, the more you will confront many types of goblins, extremely scary demons. They also have unpredictable dark magical energy. They always rush to attack you continuously. When hit by the dark power, your character will lose a certain amount of HP. Quickly finish, don’t let the hit have a chance to harm you.

Game Magic Rampage mod


Lots of places with beautiful scenery for you to choose from. However, when new to the game, players need to overcome challenges in the dungeon. Do everything you can to escape to the outside world. Then you can experience many new maps such as Castle, Abandoned Residential Area, Laboratory, etc… Each place will bring you a unique memory and interesting thing. Design of scenery, colors, challenges, etc… Each map is different. Constantly innovating for players to discover and conquer new and more attractive things. Especially the location of the traps, the types of monsters are also changed, there are differences.

Game Magic Rampage mod hack

Hero character system

Each character in the game is a warrior with extraordinary magical power and energy. Move extremely magical, dodge attacks from monsters easily. You can customize the warrior to your liking. Equip more accessories, high-class items to increase the strength of the character. When facing dangerous monsters, there is no fear at all. Druid, Warlock, Rogue, Warrior, Druid are chosen by many players. The power and magical energy are always overflowing to help you pass the levels more easily.

Graphics and sound

Operating on the 3D graphics platform, there is not much to say about the quality anymore. Every image detail in the game is designed extremely nicely. The publisher has created many new and fancy details to attract the attention of players. Especially the scene in each map in the game is extremely mysterious. Combined with the background music, the sound effects of the devil. Create a dark, creepy space for players to be more nervous.

Magic Rampage mod apk

Heroic warriors have many different types of power for you to choose from. However, if you want to promote the full advantages of the character, you need to understand the information of that hero. Continuously upgrading strength, attack, and defense stats need to be equal. When the game level increases in difficulty, there are more traps, stronger monsters, you do not have to worry about. Download Magic Rampage Mod the most dangerous monsters on the planet.

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