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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)

Magic Rush: Heroes take players to a distant medieval land. On one occasion a demon lord passing by here unsealed the monsters. Originally slumbering deep in the earth, now it has risen and caused chaos throughout the world. Here you will play the role of a talented hero, commanding a powerful army. Has the task of protecting his kingdom against the invasion and disturbance of this inhumane animal. They are extremely powerful and very numerous. Requires the player to have the talent to strategize, lead the army to defeat all the monsters. Be equipped with modern combat vehicles to be ready for the mission. Set traps around the stronghold to prevent monsters from entering the kingdom. Take advantage of every suitable opportunity to attack, beat them to pieces. Don’t hesitate or hesitate because luck won’t come back a second time. Quickly destroy them all, Complete the mission soon and get your name on the gold plate. Gameplay brings a new fighting style, diverse mission system. Therefore, it will be very addictive for those who have experienced it.

Download Magic Rush: Heroes Mod – Fight to protect the kingdom from the invasion of monsters

The first thing you need to do when participating in Magic Rush: Heroes Mod is to gather warriors everywhere. Train them properly and form an elite army of your own. In particular, practice regularly to accumulate a lot of combat experience. Can change the fighting style, arrange the army flexibly. Making the enemy stunned, losing control leads to death, of course. Players control their army with virtual keys on the screen. When meeting an enemy, just touching the character’s attack button will automatically launch powerful moves. Move skillfully and flexibly to dodge enemy damage. The more enemies you kill, the more your chances of promotion increase. And won the king’s trust, being able to use all means of combat for free. Through the game screen, Team strength will improve significantly. Makes it easier to defeat the big boss. In addition, also receive attractive rewards and valuable items.

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Style play

Magic Rush: Heroes Mod has extremely interesting gameplay. You can both control all heroes and fight directly at the same time. When encountering squishy monsters, just command the army. Arrange the position appropriate to each person’s strengths. Then press the attack button, surround the enemy on all sides and kill the enemy quickly. As for the giant bosses, you will have to show up directly to confront them. Because the strength of the soldiers is not enough to defeat. This is an opportunity for players to shine and show off their top fighting ability. Launch powerful moves towards the enemy. Take advantage of weaknesses and finish quickly. Try your best not to let them move towards your kingdom. Otherwise, points will be deducted and will greatly affect your future performance.

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Equipment system

To defeat such a powerful, terrible force. Players need to be equipped with the best things, always ready to fight. Only to be able to grasp the victory and not cause unfortunate damage. Modern weapons such as Guns, machine guns, rifles, pistols, swords, bows, etc. Most of them are designed with very high destructive power. Especially in this gameplay, there is also the appearance of cannons, legendary tanks. Players will be overwhelmed by the magnificence of the most modern combat vehicles. In addition, the character is also equipped with items to help protect the body such as Armor, hat, shoes, etc. Avoid the enemy’s damage very effectively.

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Graphics and sound

The medieval setting is extremely sharp by the excellent graphic quality of the gameplay. Designed with 3D configuration so players can observe the scene from any angle. Vivid images, funny colors. Contributing to making the scene more special, strangely attractive. Multiple battle locations allow you to explore the medieval world in detail. Characters with a unique shape combined with a series of eye-catching skins are even more attractive to players. The warrior’s movements are accompanied by flashy effects to impress. High-quality and varied sounds by different monsters. All noises in battle are clearly felt.

Magic Rush Heroes game mod

Build your own undefeated army on every battlefield in Magic Rush: Heroes. Players have the opportunity to test their intelligence, practice their ability to think strategically. With interesting gameplay combined with 3D graphics background. It will definitely bring meaningful, authentic experiences. Download Magic Rush: Heroes Mod conquer all levels, complete noble missions, and become legendary heroes.

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