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Come to Mod to participate in survival battles. Enter the vast arena, compete with enemies in real-time combat. To conquer all challenges in the fierce school head. You need to defeat the opponent to win, as well as save lives. Take turns taking down other players in survival arenas. You not only get a lot of valuable items. But also have the opportunity to climb the leaderboard, with the string of achievements already achieved. Moreover, in the survival battles of the publisher CASUAL AZUR GAMES. You can improve your fighting skills, gain experience. At the same time, upgrade the character’s strength with the collected loot. Along with many other interesting features waiting for you to discover.

Download Mod – The War Of Magicians With Elemental Powers

Role-play as a magician in Mod. You have the ability to attack enemies with elemental power. Earth, fire, and ice are powerful elements you can use. Choose one of the elements before starting the battle. Then you can attack the enemy by firing the power element. Each element can deal massive amounts of damage when it hits an enemy. The elemental power is also developed to a higher level each time you enter a new stage. The element fire, for example, was originally just a flame. Entering a new stage will evolve into a fireball. When it reaches the final stage, that fireball will get bigger first. It can also attack a wide area, even if the enemy is not hit. But will be affected if standing within the range of the Mod

Passing style gameplay

The gameplay of Mod is designed to expand, taking place in the style of overcoming obstacles. You can freely move in the large arena. Each battle opens 3 levels of play, corresponding to 3 battles. Your mission is to fight with other mages. Attack them with elemental power. Defeat each opponent in the battle, in turn, becoming the only surviving mage. You will proceed to the next level. With a fast-paced and more dramatic battle than before. Use your own fighting skills, attack all enemies to complete the mission. Through each battle, the difficulty of the game will increase day by day. You need to gain experience to fight more flexibly. Also, improve skills to be able to defeat strong enemies.Tai Mod

Ring of fire, versatile combat skills

During the competitive battles between magicians at Mod. Over time, the circle of fire will appear and shrink. Makes the distance between the mages closer. That means wars will take place continuously to fight for life. Only by defeating the enemy, your life is safe. In particular, any mage who touches the circle of fire. Will be burned, causing the amount of health to be gradually reduced, even loss of life. To be able to survive in this harsh life and death arena. Besides attacking the enemy, you also have to learn how to dodge. Observe the movements of the other magicians. Quick reflexes to avoid attacks from enemies. At the same time, move flexibly on the battlefield to make it difficult for the enemy to attack.Game Mod

Blood recovery

To be able to survive in the survival battles of the game Mod. Besides fighting and constantly cultivating experience. You can heal to increase your survival rate during battle. Each mage, after being defeated, will drop a heart symbol. Quickly move to pick up, your health will be restored. For example, when attacked by an enemy, the remaining health is very little. Using the heart will help restore blood. From there, you can continue to fight other mages.Download Mod Mod provides a diverse character system. Includes vampires, medusas, kings, knights, warriors, and more. They were all magicians with their own fighting abilities. In the battle for survival, overcome each challenge in turn. You can role-play as many different magicians. Besides, the mage’s weapons are also very rich. Magic spells have unique abilities. And there are many other weapons such as knives, swords, magic sticks, logs, spears, even candles. Choose one of the weapons to equip the magician. From there, you can participate in dramatic survival arenas. Conquer all the challenges to become the best mage.

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