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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)

Major GUN Mod is an offline shooting action game. Takes you to dramatic battles without having to connect to the Internet. Here, you become a gunman whose mission is to prevent terrorist forces. Using equipped weapons, strike enemies with deadly bullets. Hundreds of different FPS shooting missions for you to explore. The difficulty, the challenge is increasing. Requires your shooting skills to pass. Your enemies are not just soldiers. Sometimes will have to face the final bosses. In this multi-challenging battle, you fight alone. No support from allies or other online players. Everything is based on skills, as well as experience cultivated through each battle. Kill all enemies to complete the mission of a professional shooter.

Download Major GUN Mod – The War To Prevent The Conspiracy Of The Terrorists

The background of Major GUN Mod opens in a world that is on the verge of apocalypse. Terrorists, lunatics, and villains are working on a crazy plot. They want the epidemic to spread, infecting all of humanity with the deadly virus. You are part of the fighting force to protect the world. Take on the responsibility of destroying the enemy to stop the plots of those crazy people. No matter what, you must find a way to destroy all enemies. Use shotguns, throw grenades to create explosions, or make enemies receive sharp slashes. Use all your abilities and combat experience. Destroy all enemies, causing them to die before your gun. Complete the mission to save the world, become a true hero.Download Major GUN Mod

Mission Accomplished, Lots of Enemies

Your mission in each battle at Major GUN Mod is to destroy all enemies. During the course of the battle, the enemy appeared unexpectedly. They are present everywhere on the battlefield, with many different fighting styles. Sometimes, you will have to face the enemy’s sniffer dogs. It will rush to attack you with its bites. For a challenging battle, the danger is all around. Just a small mistake will cost you your life. In particular, your enemies are equipped with many different types of weapons. Guns, grenades, rockets, knives, or even baseball bats. If you want to complete the mission, you have no choice but to fight. Constantly improving your skills.Tai Major GUN Mod

Skills, tactics, taking advantage of opportunities

Skill is the main factor that determines the outcome of your battle. At Major GUN Mod you need to meet 2 conditions of the skill: speed and accuracy. Observe the situation unfolding on the battlefield quickly. Combine with shooting skills to accurately fire bullets at the enemy. Get them destroyed before you get attacked. At the same time, use tactics to get better results when fighting. Throw grenades when enemies gather in large numbers. Make them die or consume a large amount of health. From there, you will easily destroy the enemy to complete the mission. Or when the enemy attacks heavily, take advantage of the surrounding objects to hide, change ammunition. Then counterattack quickly by firing continuously. Make enemies die before your gun. In addition, you can use the first aid box to recover a certain amount of health.Game Major GUN Mod

More than 100 missions, game modes

More than 100 missions are provided by Major GUN Mod for you to experience. Along with that is a lot of different game modes. Rescue the heart that is being held by the enemy. By opening a war in the enemy base area. The quick raid, destroy all to save the heart. Or challenge yourself in survival mode, testing your shooting skills with speed and accuracy when shooting enemies. Become a sniper in sniper mode. Carry out a remote raid mission, defeating enemies with a single lead bullet. In particular, the boss hunting mode brings you to the final battles. Kill the soldiers and fight the boss. The man behind the army of terrorists. Defeat the boss to complete the mission.Major GUN Mod

There are many different types of guns to choose from. Each gun of Major GUN Mod is designed with an impressive appearance. When equipped will help you deal a large amount of damage to the enemy. For example, some types of guns such as rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, etc. Moreover, you can use the money to upgrade guns. In addition, the battlefield is played out in many different locations. From the harbor, the subway, the oil field to the icy cold snow. Even a desolate desert. Helps you feel not bored when you have to fight continuously on a fixed battlefield.

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