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Major Mayhem Mod is designed to play a scene. It is the perfect combination of action and shooting. Transform into Major Mayhem, a new recruit in the military ranks. Carrying a noble responsibility, save the world, and bring back the girlfriend captured by the evil army. A journey is full of hardships and challenges. Faced with countless dangers, along with the onslaught of enemies. You move forward, hide behind the terrain, use your weapons to attack frantically. Destroy all enemies, without missing a single one to win. A series of missions take place in the style of a scene. Not only attack the enemy, but you also discover new battlefields. Witness the devastating attacks of the evil army.

Download Major Mayhem Mod – Scenery-Style Shooting Battles

During the battle of Major Mayhem Mod. Every time you kill an enemy, you will receive gold coins. Enemies are getting stronger, which will help you get more gold coins. Not only that, constantly knocking down enemies will help you create combos. From there you will get the best results. Throughout your journey, you will face many different enemies. They are equipped with powerful weapons, if you lose focus, they will be very vulnerable to attack, even losing your life. Enemies have the ability to attack from a distance, the ability to attack quickly. Requires your shooting skills to be accurate. Combine vision to attack enemies before you’re killed.Download Major Mayhem Mod

The course of the war

The gameplay of the game Major Mayhem Mod has a shooting style. You step down from a military helicopter to start the fight. Move forward to attack the enemy. Take advantage of terrains such as houses, rocks, or any object that appears on the road. Use them as cannon fodder, avoiding the rush of attacks from the enemy. Combine observation skills for quick counterattacks. Fire deadly bullets with precision. Defeat enemies one by one and continue your journey. The battle lasts until you reach the bottom of the map. Defeat all enemies that appear on the way to win. Step into the military helicopter that is waiting for you to finish the journey. At the same time receive many kinds of attractive rewards.Tai Major Mayhem Mod

Enemies, obstacles

In Major Mayhem Mod there are many different enemies that you have to face. Including ninjas, gangsters, mafia, bandits, even helicopters and tanks. They hide behind objects in your path. Appears unexpectedly, you can’t know in advance, so you need to be alert. Not only that, but the terrain is also one of the factors affecting your battle. If you do not observe or lose focus, you will be hit by obstacles on the road. That will cause you to lose blood, even lose your life. For example, rocks are suspended in the air, they swing freely. You need to choose the right time to pass. Logs or rocks on the road, jump over them to ensure your life. Or sometimes you will have to run and fight at the same time. Because the giant stone is chasing close behind. If you stop, you will lose your life.Major Mayhem Mod

20 weapons, 42 costumes, and hats

Possess more than 20 types of weapons such as minigun, quadzooka, … and many more. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. Using them effectively will help you easily defeat the enemy in battle. Besides, Major Mayhem Mod provides 42 sets of equipment and hats for you to explore. They don’t just help Major Mayhem change his appearance. It also increases defense, helping the character to withstand many attacks from the enemy. Each outfit is designed with impressive colors and designs. For example military costumes, prisoner costumes, robot costumes, gangster costumes, and many more. However, to unlock weapons, costumes and hats you will need to use money.Game Major Mayhem Mod

Not to disappoint players, Major Mayhem Mod offers a lot of unique features. Over 100 different achievements for you to discover. With 2 main modes including mobile combat and motionless combat. For the motionless battle mode. You enter the war of freedom to move and hide, with more than 150 missions. Hide behind objects on the road to serve as cannon fodder. Defend your life safely from a variety of enemies. Take advantage of their loopholes and quickly destroy them. Besides, the mobile battle mode is much more stimulating. With 45 levels of non-stop fighting. You are constantly running forward, with the aim of not being chased by the object behind. Enemies appear suddenly and continuously in your path. Quickly knock them down before you get attacked.

Download Major Mayhem Mod APK 10 (Unlimited Money)

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