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Update October 20, 2021 (2 years ago)
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A talented detective will be the character you play in the game Manor Matters Mod, a game by the publisher Playrix that has been very successful with resounding products before. In the game, the abandoned mansion next to the area you live in is now the focus that you want to explore, because of rumors about creepy things in that villa, so no one dares to visit the area. there. More curiosity stimulates the curiosity to discover the truth in that house and find valuable things because although the house has been ruined a lot, the previous owner is a talented billionaire, so it is definitely valuable. Things are still left in this house.

Download Manor Matters Mod – Adventure Mystery

The character of a talented detective now wants to learn everything in this abandoned mansion, decode all the controversy about it. Manor Matters Mod this adventure will be very scary when you are now alone exploring everything, surrounded by a dark night with a small lamp in your hand. Your task now is to search for objects around this mansion, because it is dark and covered with a thick layer of dust, so seeing them you need to be very careful. After exploring all the houses, you need to renovate this villa back to its best almost original state. A very interesting game with special things waiting ahead.

Manor Matters Mod

The exploration begins

When you enter the game Manor Matters Mod, you will see the splendid magnificence of this villa, although it has been ruined a lot, there is no denying the wealth of the previous owner of this house. Besides, the objects in this house are messily scattered in the house, making us feel like they are haunted and creepy. Questions start to appear in your mind, why a magnificent mansion like this is abandoned anymore, all those questions make you even more excited to explore the next story. there. Find the items that the game requires, the first levels will be easy to complete but don’t be subjective, the difficulties are waiting ahead.

Decode all stories

However, at least you will not go alone, there will be an assistant of a detective who has been lost to accompany you on this journey. He’s very good at figuring out the objects to decode, and now your job will be to decode those items before time runs out. Hack Manor Matters The higher floors are, the more difficult things will be, so you will need to think hard to solve difficult puzzles and collect them. The journey is still very long, the whole story about this house, the excitement is waiting ahead. There will be tools to help you when you know nothing, then use them.

Game Manor Matters Mod

Graphics and sound of the game

In the graphics of the game Manor Matters Mod, there will be a bit of a bias influenced by the famous game Homescapes, so the design in the house will have a little similarity. The difference here is that the house will be designed in a darker way than that game, giving you a creepy feeling when you start to explore. Designed under the 2D game platform, the game will operate an extremely smooth cash to bring the best feelings to the player. The sound system is also extremely dramatic, constantly changing when you start changing scenes or exploring objects in the house, combined with these murky graphics will bring great excitement. for you.

With the infinite features of the game Mod version of Manor Matters, you will experience a very special and useful feature. To get a number of stars, you will need to collect through the puzzles and accumulate them in order to be able to remodel this house. But with this special mod version, you can use them comfortably because the number of stars is infinite. An extremely useful feature to help you play games more easily and effectively.

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