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Max Payne Mobile Mod is inspired by a police story. A person who enforces justice, but is harmed by his own colleagues. They link up with criminals to harm the main character, Max. Get his family murdered. Because Max is on an investigative mission related to a criminal organization. Faced with a dangerous mafia force, Max knows the outcome cannot be changed. But he is still determined to fight to the end to make those who harmed his family pay. Now, Max must face the same colleagues who used to work together. He has no choice but to kill them to avenge his family. Not only stopping there, but Max’s goal is also to destroy the mafia organization behind.

Download Max Payne Mobile Mod – Become Max Character In The Journey Of Revenge

The background of Max Payne Mobile Mod opens in New York City. Revolving around the main character Max. Once an undercover cop, but now on a murder charge. More painful when he had to bear the crime of killing his own family. Everything is done by former colleagues. The policemen who carry out justice have been linked to the Mafia crime syndicate. They murdered Max’s family and blamed it on him. Join the game, role-play as the character Max. Your mission is to destroy all the criminals of the mafia organization in New York City. Avenge his family, and at the same time exonerate himself for murder. A variety of different tasks for you to perform. And you will have to face a lot of dangers, even losing your life at any time.Download Max Payne Mobile Mod

Gameplay, lots of enemies, skills

The gameplay of Max Payne Mobile Mod has a shooting action style. In an open space, you can freely move, do all actions to fight. Your enemies are criminals, policemen, gangsters. They are armed with guns, which will attack as soon as you appear. Moreover, enemies appear in many different locations and locations in the vast New York City. At any time, you may be in danger. Even losing your life, if you don’t focus. Use the skills of a professional policeman. Take your own actions to make the enemy pay. Hit the lead balls accurately, causing them to die before your gun. Kill each enemy in turn, you will complete the mission. At the same time avenging his family.Max Payne Mobile Mod APK

Missions divided into stages by each chapter

The mission system of Max Payne Mobile Mod is divided into chapters. Each chapter is divided into different phases. Starting from the first chapter, it revolves around the story of you returning home. Fight with criminals in your own home. At the same time, he finds out that his family has been murdered. Move the scene to the second chapter. The process of you moving to New York City via train. Fight with criminals to find the mastermind. The difficulty will be increased every time you move to the next stage. The number of enemies is larger, as well as their fighting ability is improved.Game Max Payne Mobile Mod

Control system

The control mechanism of Max Payne Mobile Mod is quite simple. It is similar to other GTA-style games. With features of moving, shooting, jumping, and picking up items on the ground. At the same time, the position and control tools are arranged reasonably at the two corners of the device screen. Make it easy to use, also perform all operations more flexibly. In addition, the auto-aiming feature is also integrated. Makes it easy to kill enemies.

Graphics, effects, and sounds

Graphics of Max Payne Mobile Mod are designed in a classic style. Environments, images, scenes are recreated from the 90s. Slow-motion effect every time you kill an enemy or when performing a certain action. Especially when it comes to sound quality when it comes to storytelling. Every time you switch to a new chapter, you can go through the stories and words of the characters. To better understand himself. Or monologues during the move to find enemies while on a mission. At the same time, the actual sound is shown through footsteps, gunfire, and enemy lines.Max Payne Mobile Mod

During the mission, pass each stage. You will collect a lot of different items. There is a chance to find new weapons, using them will increase your ability. Here, Max Payne Mobile Mod has many different locations for you to explore. Each location has the appearance of criminals. You can easily see them killing people. Or illegal transactions. At the same time, through the sound when you reach a certain location, you will detect the enemy.

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