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Update October 22, 2021 (2 years ago)

Medieval Life Mod takes you on an exciting RPG adventure. This is a role-playing game from developer Alphaquest Game Studio. Bringing action style, combining strategic elements. Set in the Middle Ages, with every building, the map is uniquely designed. Choose from one of the ancient castles of kings and queens. Design the interior of the kingdom by arranging objects in your own style. Participate in jungle hunting battles for resources. See how the environment changes between the day and night scene. Experience exciting activities to build multiple castles. Gather all the castles of many kings and queens according to the ages.

Download Medieval Life Mod – Build Castles and Join Hunts

Start Medieval Life Mod by building a castle. You use the money provided to choose and buy a suitable castle. Then move inside the castle to begin the personalization process. Arrange each position of the objects appropriately. However, you need to use the money to buy things, to be able to design and decorate the interior. Money will decrease every time you unlock a new item. To fully design a castle from interior to exterior will consume a lot of resources. You need to go on dangerous adventures to hunt the animals. Defeat them to earn coins and continue designing the interior of the castle. Completing the quest will continue to unlock new castles. Again continue his adventure to earn money designing the interior of his castle.Tai Medieval Life Mod

Residential buildings, castles

The buildings in Medieval Life Mod are designed in medieval style. Besides a number of buildings are provided such as Cabin, Cammon House, Dark Pearl, King Palace, etc. The game also provides you with a lot of paid buildings to unlock. Typically like Plebeian House, Noble’s House,… these are some common houses. More advanced are the large castles such as Lancelot Castle, Duke’s Fortress, etc. There are 9 castles for you to explore. Each project has a different design and style. As well as the amount to unlock corresponding to the exterior of each building. For residential houses, the amount to unlock is quite small, even without spending money to buy. But for castles, it is quite the opposite. You need a fairly large amount of money to build, maybe more than 10 times the amount of unlocking a normal house.Download Medieval Life Mod

150 furniture items

Besides unlocking buildings, especially castles. Medieval Life Mod also provides players with 150 furniture items for you to choose from. Customizing the interior of the castle with medieval objects will increase the beauty and value of the entire castle. For example, some objects such as chairs, chessboards, bookcases, weapons hanging tools, desks, guitars, armor stands, etc. Depending on the style you are about to design. It is possible to design the interior of the castle in a modern style. Or medieval design, with distinctive objects arranged in the interior. Similar to buildings, items need to use the money to unlock. Although the amount to buy each item will be less. But to fully complete the furniture costs quite a lot of money. Because you will have to buy a lot of different items.Medieval Life Mod

The course of the match

The battle with creatures in Medieval Life Mod is turn-based. Use combat skills when it’s your turn to attack to deal massive damage to enemies. The battle only ends until you or the enemy are exhausted. If you want to win, you need a flexible mix of skill use and strategy. Monitor your health, mana, and enemies to prepare for the next attack. Use powerful skills to make enemies defeated. During the battle, you can use the healing potion and mana when needed. Or use power-ups to deal more damage to enemies.Game Medieval Life Mod

With 10 types of weapons, possessing many different attribute strengths. Medieval Life Mod also provides 12 combat skills. With magical effects that will support you during the battle. From there, you can confidently fight dangerous and terrifying creatures. There are a total of 76 different creatures that you will encounter in your hunting adventure. Typically animals such as wild boar, wolf, horse frog, etc. More than that, there are monsters like the green devil, giant snake, vampire. Even dragons, skeletons, witches and medusas, etc. Each enemy encountered has a terrifying fighting power. You need to use all the fighting skills learned to quickly defeat them before losing your life.

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