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Megapolis Mod is a city-building simulation game. Starting from a small town, you will have to work to grow into a city. Lots of different tasks and activities that you need to perform. From managing workers to making business strategies. Everything will be up to you to decide. What’s more, you can build the city in your own style. This is a free game, published by Social Quantum Ltd. However, during the game, there will be some items that must be purchased with real money. Or you can through watching ads, trading with other players, logging in every day. What’s more, is to win contests to be able to earn for free.

Download Megapolis Mod – Build and Grow Your City

Coming to Megapolis Mod you will have to do a lot of work to build the city. Build infrastructure, with a lot of different constructions. Establish a research center, run by the best scientists in the world. Or expand into the rare resource mining industry. Become a rich tycoon by mining and trading in oil. You can even develop tourism with a lot of different service activities. All the work that you are doing, is geared towards the citizens. The city will grow more and more as more citizens come to live. Make smart decisions to attract people. At the same time help them feel happy to live in a beautiful city. From there, your city will become busier and busier than ever.Megapolis Mod

Many construction works

To build a developed city will need many factors. The facilities cannot be ignored. At Megapolis Mod you can build many different buildings. Typical such as the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower. These are monuments that are inspired by the fact you can build the same neighborhood. Hundreds of buildings can be built in many different locations. Such as houses, skyscrapers, amusement parks, parks, historical sites, shops. And there are many other constructions for you to explore. Besides construction, you also have to arrange the location of the works in a reasonable way. Create a stunning landscape. At the same time build bridges to connect the districts in the city together. Helping traffic move smoothly can create a developed city.Download Megapolis Mod

The transport system, infrastructure

Over time, the city in Megapolis Mod grows more and more. This means that the number of people coming to life is increasing day by day. This can lead to traffic jams. To solve this problem, you need to build the most convenient transportation system. Helping people can move easily on the roads of the city. By building infrastructure. Ring road in densely populated areas. Build railways and train stations to transport goods and passengers. Or invest money to build an airport, set up a professional flight team. Operate flights all over the world. Build infrastructure, with a convenient transportation system. You will help people move easily, as well as access to modern civilization.Game Megapolis Mod

Missile launch and research center

Besides city development in Megapolis Mod. Players can go further to explore the universe. Learn about the outside world, with its unsolved mysteries. By building a research center. Operated by brilliant scientists, with genius minds. Develop advanced technologies, improve manufacturing techniques. Invest a huge amount of money to build a spaceport. Perform seemingly impossible tasks. Shoot rockets into space to explore the vast world outside. Not only that but there are many high-tech devices that can be used. Deep submerged research facilities, atmospheric measurement equipment. Survey vessels can be controlled remotely.Megapolis Mod

Participate in state competitions in Megapolis Mod. Players will be competing with other mayors. They are the leaders of the neighboring cities. There are weekly and seasonal competitions. For the weekly contest, try to get as many points as you can. Beat other mayors to climb the rankings in the tournaments. Or go for seasonal contests. Lots of valuable rewards can be obtained, after winning. Decorative objects, make your city more beautiful and lively.

Download Megapolis Mod APK 5.80 (Unlimited Money)

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