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Update October 8, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Metal Soldiers 2 Mod follows action gameplay, you will be transformed into a character in the game. Become a hero, participate in the war to destroy terrorists. The game is developed by Play365, play now to enjoy the war, the journey to destroy all the enemies. Although it is still built in the style of games of the same genre before, it will not let you down. Because the game also has its own highlights, which no other game can match. Become a soldier, armed with weapons always moving forward, trying to win battles, killing all enemies. Alone, against tons of enemies. So you should show all your skills, fight to become the strongest.

Download Metal Soldiers 2 Mod – Destroy All Rebels

You will have a series of missions, but all because the goal is to destroy all the rebels and recapture the strong points. Metal Soldiers 2 Mod will show you how horrible the battlefield experience is. Control soldiers to participate in battles, infiltrate the enemy’s stronghold. Attack quickly, quickly, do not let the enemy turn back, do not let anyone escape. Return to the base, complete the assigned task in a short time, prove your strength against the counterattack. You don’t think it’s easy, you have to play to know the level of the game. When you are alone, while fighting weapons need to be collected by yourself, must fight a whole group of enemies. A little carelessness can cost your life and the mission will fail. It will be a long process of practicing control, Step by step very skillfully, I hope to defeat them all. Must combine movement, dodge, take advantage of obstacles and simultaneously attack the enemy. Divide them apart, destroy them one by one, to have a chance to win. Become the undefeated warrior, defeat all the rebels.Download Metal Soldiers 2 Mod

Battle Journey

Metal Soldiers 2 Mod is built into a series of matches, you will be participating in each match. According to the planned arrangement, you must win and capture the previous stronghold before you can attack the next place. So fighting in this game can be considered as a journey with many battles, to destroy all enemy troops. Divided into several levels, each screen is a different stronghold of the settlement, with a different map. Enemy troops are also equipped with weapons or the number is also changed. The items that you can pick up to fight, also appear randomly in each level, not fixed. In each battle, you never know what will happen next. Only try your best, confront the enemy, hope to complete the task.Metal Soldiers 2 Mod

Combat Vehicle

Unlike many other action games Metal Soldiers 2 Mod, there are not only powerful weapons. But there are also means to fight. Both the army and your side have their own means. The enemy many times they use those weapons, it is very difficult to resist, almost you have no chance. These are helicopters with all kinds of heavy weapons or tanks with extremely good defense. But your side is not inferior, there are also battles with tanks or planes. There are even more modern and powerful vehicles. It’s a large warrior robot, named MS2, that helps you hit back the heavy firepower of the enemy.Game Metal Soldiers 2 Mod

Additional Equipment

As you know that the weapon system in the game Metal Soldiers 2 Mod is not equipped. And in every war, they appear right on the battlefield, and so is the ammunition. But not all, there are still items, just extra equipment, if you want to own, you have to go to the store. Those are grenades, Boosters have great explosive damage, it is easy to kill many enemies at once. Or there are additional items, used directly on yourself. Increase combat ability, character attributes, such as increased speed, increased bounce. Make sure your victory is more advanced, complete the mission to capture the point base.Metal Soldiers 2 Mod

Metal Soldiers 2 Mod is a fighting action game, using weapons as consumables. Like a gun, you need ammo. Grenades or Boosters and other boosters can only be used once and then disappear. And if you want to continue using it, you need to buy it in the store, of course, it will cost money to be able to own it. So the game has an Unlimited Money Mod so you can buy those items comfortably in the store. Helps you focus on battles, not worrying about making money. Acquire additional items that increase the win rate for each match.

Download Metal Soldiers 2 Mod APK 2.80 (Unlimited Money)

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