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METEL HORROR ESCAPE has horror and horror gameplay at the top of the entertainment titles on the mobile platform. The gameplay has an extremely creepy storyline. The main character in the game is a boy. Only after 1 awakening, woke up in a dark, extremely scary room. There are many dangers, demons, monsters, etc. Can harm you at any time. Belonging to the entertainment game genre, METEL HORROR ESCAPE Mod is equipped with a number of features to help players relax and be more comfortable. Motion effects, sounds make you feel happier and more relaxed. To escape from this place, it is imperative that you solve the correct puzzles that the system has given. Show your intelligence, your peak thinking ability. Control the character to move gently and carefully. Avoid being detected by the enemy, which will attack, harm you.

Download METEL HORROR ESCAPE Mod – Solve puzzles and escape from the horror room

Right from the moment you enter the game, you have seen the horror of METEL HORROR ESCAPE Mod. Background music sound combined with dark colors makes players feel a shiver. Face the dangers that can come at any time. The noises will make you feel nervous, curious to explore. According to each level, you will be locked into a room in different locations. Be it in a dark room, abandoned hospital, prison, hell, etc… All these places are extremely dangerous, scary. However, the difficulty lies behind that. You will hear strange sounds and noises without knowing what is coming from. It could be a signal from a comrade or a demon cheering. The system will give a specified time period. In it, you have to get out of the darkroom safely. Do not let the character lose too much health.


Fascinating storyline

The gameplay has a very special plot, attracting players. Each level will have a different storyline, about a separate character. In the first stages, you will play as an office worker. Every day at work and at home, everything goes on as normal. Suddenly, one night, he slept and dreamed that he was kidnapped by the devil. When I woke up, I found myself in a completely new room. The whole scene is immersed in a gloomy black. You have to stay calm, get your spirits up, and plan to leave this place. There are many demons around you. Be very careful not to let them attack.



The difficulty of the gameplay does not stop in the other rooms. You still have to face thousands of difficult and dangerous challenges to escape. Immediately after leaving the room, the system will take you to the dead land. There are extremely dangerous carnivores here. They disguise themselves extremely well, if not paying attention, they will not be detected. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful, read the instructions and suggestions from the system. Find the safest route. To be able to quickly transport to the peaceful and poetic city.



There are 3 levels of puzzles for players to choose from: Easy, medium, and difficult. When you are new to the game, familiarize yourself with the controls, learn about ways to escape from this room at easy levels. Gradually, over time, when you have mastered, better understand and then gradually increase the level of difficulty. Challenge yourself with new locations, difficulties. Be the best, solve all the puzzles and win. Use the bonus money after completing the mission to buy weapons and vehicles. This will make it easier for you to win.

Horror graphics, creepy sound

To contribute to the special and success of this gameplay, the first thing to mention is the graphics and sound. Extremely realistic 3D image quality, sharp every little detail in a dark room. When a ghost appears, the player will feel lost and scared. Their appearance is quite scary at first glance. But if you pay close attention, there will be a sense of humor, extremely entertaining. At the same time, the background music creates more suspense and anxiety for gamers. Especially the ghost howling makes you feel scared.


For those of you who love and are passionate about the puzzle game genre, you cannot ignore METEL HORROR ESCAPE. Game thinking puzzle attractive, extremely interesting. You just have a feeling of fear, nervousness, anxiety about being found by the devil. Just felt happy, wanted to laugh at the character’s expressive sounds. Gameplay helps players be immersed in the fantasy world, forgetting about the unhappy things in life. Download METEL HORROR ESCAPE Mod to solve the most difficult and horror puzzles.

Download METEL HORROR ESCAPE Mod APK 0.360 (Unlocked Mask)

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