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Metro Survival Mod is an action shooting game, belonging to the adventure game genre. Takes you on an underground adventure journey. Uncover the mysteries and find out the reason for the appearance of mysterious creatures. Fight continuously in extreme environments, face off against zombies in open combat. Challenge yourself in the battle with the boss, the king of zombies. Here, you play the role of a hero, tasked with finding out why Zombie appeared. At the same time, the mission is to destroy all of them to protect the lucky survivors. Faced with many challenges, even at the expense of his life. Show your skills to win.

Download Metro Survival Mod – War With Mysterious Creatures Under the Earth

The context of Metro Survival Mod opens in a location a few dozen kilometers from the city of Moscow. The wars between the nations of the world have been resolved. However, for unknown reasons, a large explosion caused many people to lose their lives. After the radioactive rain swept through the city of Moscow. Only those in the train and station at that time survived. A few years after that historic explosion, the lucky survivors have adapted to the post-apocalyptic environment. They had a new step when they built a life underground. Suddenly, a lot of strange creatures appear in the place where people live. They attack the survivors and destroy everything they have built.Download Metro Survival Mod

Find out the cause, the battle mission

Join Metro Survival Mod you play as a hero. With the mission to protect everyone, by fighting those strange creatures. Find out if they are the same people who lost their lives to the radiation of the explosion a few years ago. Or alien monsters that want to take over the Earth. At the same time, find the answer to what caused the radioactive rain a few years ago. Your adventure takes place underground. There will be a fierce battleground between you and mystical creatures. Once they appear, you have no choice but to fight. Use weapons to attack or choose death. The outcome of the battle is for you to decide, just as everyone in the underground is counting on you.Tai Metro Survival Mod

Lots of scary creatures, fighting skills

Start the battle of Metro Survival Mod. Magical creatures appeared in great numbers. Each type of creature has a scary appearance, with many different fighting styles. There will be species that use venom to shoot you from a distance. Or there are creatures that will rush directly at you to attack. Use guns to make combat tools, destroy monsters from a distance. Combine melee skills, attack monsters at close range. Punch, kick and use the stock to attack. At the same time move flexibly on the map to avoid attacks from enemies. As well as not being surrounded by creatures. Because that will put you in danger. Even if you lose your life because there are too many enemies around, you will be attacked in a rush.Metro Survival Mod

Fight with the giant boss

The mystical creatures in Metro Survival Mod are all dangerous monsters. However, they are directed by the boss behind. A giant monster, with an extremely scary appearance. Has strong defense, possesses a huge amount of health. At the same time can cause you to quickly lose your life. Fighting the boss, you will have to use the full fighting ability of the hero. Destroy the mystical creatures around the boss. Combine attack strategies to be effective. Continuously fire bullets at enemies, moving to dodge attacks. Deals massive damage to the boss, causing it to be defeated. After the end of the battle, you will receive a lot of loot and bonuses.Game Metro Survival Mod

Hero upgrade is one of the necessary tasks so that you can continue to fight in more difficult levels. At Metro Survival Mod, there are many items for you to equip your hero. Including weapons, hats, armor, gas masks, shoes, backpacks, even transportation. Each piece of equipment after use will help the hero increase strength, movement speed, firing range, and health. From there, the hero will increase his ability to fight in dramatic battles. Can deal massive amounts of damage to enemies, as well as improved defense. Withstands more attacks, if unfortunately surrounded by enemies.

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