Download Might and Magic Mod APK 4.51 (Auto win, onehit, immortal)

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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)

1. MOD Menu
2. One Hit Kill
– Kill Enemies with 1 Hit
3. Godmode
– Take No Damage
4. Always Your Turn
– Skip Enemy Turn
5. Unlimited Skills
– No Skill CD
6. Auto-Win
– Enemies die Automatically

Menu mod
Damage multiple (1 – 99)
Defense multiple (1 – 99)

Might and Magic take you on an adventure to a mythical world. A place where magical magic and talented heroes exist. Ready to stand up to fight the evil forces that invade humanity. Giant monsters are rising everywhere, making everything chaotic. This is when the warriors perform their role, preventing the expansion of the enemy. And protect the peaceful life for good people. Join the gameplay, you will play the role of a hero possessing magical powers. Build your own powerful team to perform noble tasks. Purify those giant monsters that disappeared from the human world completely. To be ready for a life-and-death battle, it is necessary to prepare well in all aspects. Be equipped with modern weapons, solid armor. Create a smart fighting style, control heroes flexibly. Attacking enemies continuously, making them unable to react and receive death is inevitable. With attractive gameplay and 3D graphics background. Gameplay promises to bring authentic, exciting experiences.

Download Might and Magic Mod – Fight for a noble ideal, become a legendary hero

Might and Magic Mod has a new fighting style and many special features. You will control up to 5 characters on a game screen. It is necessary to be quick and skillful to move the warriors flexibly at the same time. Gameplay owns a fairly simple control mechanism. So players will not have to perform too many complicated operations. Just practice regularly will improve combat skills, gain a lot of experience. When the battle begins, depending on the strategy, arrange the position of each character to suit their strengths. Then press the attack button on the screen repeatedly. The combination of joystick moves the hero to dodge enemy damage. Unleash magical moves and spells at your enemies. Make them dizzy and fall down quickly. During combat will appear precious items with special functions. Increases attack speed and heal very quickly. So quickly collect them to gain the advantage, defeat the monster easily.

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Team building

Might and Magic Mod gathers hundreds of talented heroes for players to choose from. They possess powerful magic and top combat skills. Therefore, you will not have to be afraid of giant monsters. Each hero has a unique strength and unique appearance. Let’s collect them all to make the squad more diverse. Can create many smart fighting styles, constantly changing in the battle. However, the stronger the characters, the more talent will not be owned for free. You need to spend a corresponding amount of coins. Work hard to complete the missions to receive huge rewards. Can unlock the warrior you want.

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Upgrade and customize

The strength of the heroes shows their star count. When you first join the gameplay, your character has not been fully developed in all aspects. Will have to go through 5 levels of evolution equivalent to 5 stars. After each level, the system automatically restores the physical strength and increases the strength of the character. Just like that, the evolution process will become more and more perfect and reach the maximum level. In addition, you can also change skins for heroes continuously. Feel free to choose according to your taste and style. Will definitely help to raise the fighting spirit. In particular, buy weapons with high destructive power for all warriors. To kill enemies easily, quickly will not consume much energy.

Might and Magic mod

Graphics and Sound

The mythical world is simulated in the most realistic way by high-quality graphics. The publisher has specially designed with 3D configuration, so all images are extremely sharp, moving smoothly. Players can experience for a long time without jerking, strabismus. Bright colors make the scene more attractive and beautiful. Create a unique character in full body armor. Show the majesty of legendary heroes. Excellent sound quality, so you can feel every sound clearly. Many of the hottest songs today are included in the game by the publisher. Create an exciting, fierce atmosphere and attract more players.

Might and Magic mod

The theme of the mythical world seems to have occupied a certain place in everyone’s heart. Might and Magic is proof of this. With attractive features and simple gameplay, easy to understand suitable for all ages. You will have the opportunity to fight monsters from prehistoric times, big, terrible violence. At the same time, travel everywhere in the fantasy world, enjoying the unique scenery that has never been seen before. Download Might and Magic Mod build yourself a mighty team to conquer all levels, complete the great mission.

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