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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Modded by F4OST

Modern Combat Versus Mod is a role-playing game with the ultimate FPS shooting style. The game takes place in the brutal wars after the world war. You become a mercenary, signing a contract to fight to destroy the enemy. Accompany other shooters, participate in dramatic combat. With the task of destroying all enemy forces to win. A series of tasks for you to perform, complete the best to receive bonuses. Also, upgrade and equip new weapons for your character. Challenge yourself by participating in online battles. Fight with other powerful shooters around the world. Destroy them to win, claim the status of a mercenary.

Download Modern Combat Versus Mod – Dramatic War Between 2 Forces

The setting of Modern Combat Versus Mod takes place in a futuristic fantasy world. When the wars destroyed everything and the pollution caused by nuclear radiation. Make the world fall into ruin, crumbling with destruction nigh. At this time, the world appeared two opposing forces. The first is the Korp corporation with the aim of building an empire of its own. They have established a protective space, along with their own atmosphere. Imprisoning the lucky survivors of the world war. The second is the Octo force of the opposition. Realizing the selfishness and tyranny of Korp Corporation, they formed a fighting force. With the goal of overthrowing the Korp corporation to rescue the captives. At the same time regain the fresh atmosphere of the Earth.Download Modern Combat Versus Mod

Combine with teammates, improve skills to win

Join Modern Combat Versus Mod you play as a mercenary. Be negotiated and signed with one of the two forces. Your task is to combine with teammates, come up with a specific strategy. Enter the dramatic and fierce battle. Destroy all opposing forces to win. This war has no right or wrong, which side wins will decide the world. Therefore, the war took place extremely dramatically and was cruel. You have immersed in the sound of gunfire, dangerous action scenes when approaching the enemy. Requires flexible combat skills, smart moves on the map, destroys enemies quickly to end the battle.Game Modern Combat Versus Mod

More than 17 characters, 4 fighting styles

Not disappointing players, Modern Combat Versus Mod offers more than 17 characters. Divided into 4 different fighting styles. Includes attack, defense, expert, and assassin. Each character possesses their own fighting ability and impressive strength. You can choose a favorite character and role-play to participate in the battles. For example, the character attacks, the advantage of high damage. Can defeat enemies easily. Characters have a good defense, protect teammates, and withstand a lot of damage from enemies. Or assassins, who can carry out quick assassinations, making enemies unpredictable. If you want to win, you need to learn each character and their fighting ability. From there, learn from experience and come up with appropriate strategies in each battle.Modern Combat Versus Mod

Unlock characters, use Core Charges

Characters in Modern Combat Versus Mod cannot use the money to unlock. You can only win to get accumulated points. From there will have the opportunity to unlock new characters. Besides, each character has their own skills, weapons, and fighting abilities. However, if you want to use special skills during combat, you need to have Core Charges. This is a form of energy, which can be accumulated in battle.

Explore 6 maps

In addition to impersonating your favorite character, you have the opportunity to explore 6 unique maps. Each map is designed by Modern Combat Versus Mod to be extremely realistic. For example slums, seaports, factories, etc., and there are some other maps waiting for you to explore. Each map is designed in detail to every angle, with many impressive small play scenes. Especially when moving on the map, you will see many different changed scenes. But it still has the common features of that map, making the game’s situation always attractive.Modern Combat Versus Mod

Graphics and sound

The graphics of Modern Combat Versus Mod is one of the highlights that makes an impression on players. Each corner of the map is meticulously and detailed design, constantly changing as the character moves. Along with the impressive image of the character, nicely portrayed with robot costumes. Combined with the first-person perspective, and FPS graphics create extremely realistic images and effects. Besides, the sound is shown through the sound of bullets in the battle to create more stimulation for players.

Combat Versus Mod’s online mode also features high-level tournaments. Takes you to participate in online tournaments, win to advance to higher ranks. At the same time get a lot of attractive rewards. Or you can join the club, connect with other players. Form a team with them and participate in professional tournaments.

Download Modern Combat Versus Mod APK 1.17.32 (Menu, Wall Hack)

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