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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)

Join the action game of Candy Mobile. Players will become a sniper to carry out assassination missions and destroy targets. Modern Sniper Mod takes you to the ultimate FPS shooting battles. Challenge yourself in dramatic battles. Just a small mistake can cost you for your mistake. Enemies appear unexpectedly everywhere on the map. They hide behind walls and objects that make it very difficult to detect. If you do not observe carefully, as well as lose focus. You will be in danger, even die on the battlefield. Experiencing battles, you need to develop your shooting skills. Also, gain experience through previous battles. Enter the new FPS gun battle, with a fighting spirit.

Download Modern Sniper Mod – Perform the Mission of a Sniper

The gameplay of Modern Sniper Mod has a shooting style. However, there were no moving operations on the battlefield. Or overcome obstacles. It is also not possible to ally with other players, fighting with them to destroy the enemy. Here, you transform into a sniper. Fight alone in missions to assassinate and destroy enemies. Hide in a safe, discreet location from above. Take the wall as a bulletproof target, attack the target with the most accuracy to complete the mission. It is even possible to take the best chance to take down an enemy with a single lead bullet. Complete the mission with the provided ammo. From there, you will receive valuable rewards.Ear Modern Sniper Mod

Some notes when fighting

During the gunfight of Modern Sniper Mod. There are a few important things you need to keep in mind. Firstly, each match only has a certain amount of ammo. If you can’t take down all the enemies before you run out of ammo. Will lose the match, because it is not possible to continue the match. Makes you have to start over from the beginning. Second, after you start shooting with the first bullet. Your location will be detected by the enemy. Quickly observe, as well as kill enemies before you are defeated. Finally, shooting at enemies at different locations will have different effects. For example, when shooting at the enemy’s body, you need to take 2 or more bullets to destroy it. But if shot correctly in the head of the enemy. With just a single lead bullet, you can make the enemy fall on the spot.Game Modern Sniper Mod

Story Mode and Endless Mode

To bring you the most attractive gun battles. Modern Sniper Mod provides 2 exciting game modes, full of tension. Enter Story Mode to explore story-driven quests. With more than 50 missions according to each level. The difficulty will be gradually increased each time you step to the next level. Complete the mission in the best way, with the maximum number of stars, 3 stars. You will get a lot of bonuses, experience. From there you can advance to a new level. Besides, participate in Endless Mode to experience endless gun battles. Here, you can compete with other online shooters around the world. Participate in a 1vs1 random match. Show off your shooting skills to knock down enemies with lead bullets. Win convincingly, asserting yourself as a professional shooter.Modern Sniper Mod

6 maps

At Modern Sniper Mod there are 6 different maps for you to explore. Each map is a dramatic battlefield between gunmen. Typical is the city at night, the military training ground, on the rooftops of buildings and the airport, etc. Each area is designed very realistically, from the environment to the obstacles. As well as the enemy lurking in many different locations. In particular, each map has its own difficulty. For example, the city at night makes you limited visibility. It is very difficult to observe to detect where the enemy appears on the map. However, this makes the player feel more excited. Requires experience as a professional shooter.Download Modern Sniper Mod

In Modern Sniper Mod there are a total of 7 different weapons. They are all Sniper guns that are capable of accurate sniping. Each gun possesses detailed parameters including damage, stability, bullet speed, and size. However, you are only given one gun that is available at the initial stage. The rest, if you want to own a favorite gun. There is a more powerful attack, you will have to use the money to unlock. Or upgrade the gun you’re using. From there, the ability of the gun will be improved. Allows you to defeat enemies with just one bullet. As well as increase the win rate.

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