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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Monster Killer Pro is a game that allows players to participate in extremely dramatic and intense criminal pursuits. More specifically, it is that you will have to face the criminals, the most killing people without blinking. They are harming people everywhere. It’s not just murderers. But you also have to face the undead, the bloodthirsty zombies that want to eat you. Everywhere in the city now, you can easily see the sight of them being rampant. Your main task when participating in the game is to destroy all enemies, bring peace back to the city. Find more teammates to fight together because the enemy force is extremely strong. You alone will definitely become food for them.

Download Monster Killer Pro Mod – Become the hero of the city to destroy the enemy

The challenges that Monster Killer Pro Mod presents are not simple at all. Players will have to pass different levels, the difficulty is also different to be able to defeat the enemy. Each level will have a challenge, a specific type of monster. When you first join the game, you will only have to face enemies such as Monsters, undead, obstacles on the journey, etc…….You can destroy them simply with powerful slashes. However, those are only small challenges from the system. When the level increases, you will meet monsters that even if you cut dozens of times, will not die. Use the help rights, suggestions from the old women along the way. This will help you discover many things and can destroy the enemy much easier.

Monster Killer Pro mod

Character equipment

For action games, equipment is indispensable. And Hack Monster Killer Pro is no exception. Yes, the system will provide you with equipment to serve the battle process. Depending on the level you will unlock different equipment. You can equip your character such as Armor, weapons, items, health potions, etc. … along with much other equipment for you to freely choose. There is equipment with very high cost, but there is also equipped with extremely low cost. Choose the right equipment for the price as well as the value you need.

Game Monster Killer Pro mod

Various types of monsters

Monsters in the game will not stop spawning in numbers. But also constantly giving birth to new strains and mutations that are much stronger. They are always changing, making it difficult for players to predict what is going to happen. As the level increases, monsters will tend to increase in strength, movement speed, and attack range. To be able to pass the battle screen, the player needs to learn carefully the parameters related to the monster. Learn about their strengths, weaknesses, their basic attributes. If there are such objects, it is possible to destroy them. Monsters are much stronger and change over time. But the rewards when you defeat them are not small at all. So try to destroy all enemies to ring the most valuable gifts.


Monster Killer Pro has an impressive level of graphics with an extremely attractive 3D graphics platform. Players with the desire to experience the most realistic and attractive shooting phase. 3D graphics with action games like this is very important. Players will not be mistaken when playing the game for a long time. The background image of the game is extremely vivid. The beautiful visual effects make players sometimes more attractive when playing the game. Besides, the sound of the game is also quite great. It’s not too great, but it’s enough to make players have the most perfect experience.

Game Monster Killer Pro mod hack

Monster Killer Pro gives players the fighting feeling of a brave hero. Fight against the forces of darkness. The villains are plotting to destroy the city and harm humanity. Transform into a hero along with your friends to fight together to bring peace to humanity. Download now Monster Killer Pro Mod completely for free without spending a single penny. Become superheroes defeat all monsters.

Download Monster Killer Pro Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Gems)

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