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Motorsport Manager Racing Mod opens the world’s top F1 sports car races. You are accompanied by famous racers in thrilling races. Compete and compete with racers from many different countries. However, the game is designed with completely new gameplay. You play an important role but not a racer. Role-playing as a racing team manager, indirectly participating in exciting races. With the task of supporting your people during racing. Select some parts of the car to adjust, give the right tactics for the driver to achieve the best performance. A series of tasks of a manager for you to perform. Complete an excellent way to earn lots of bonuses.

Download Motorsport Manager Racing Mod – Become a Racing Team Manager

The gameplay of Motorsport Manager Racing Mod is quite simple but no less attractive. As a manager yourself, your task is to develop the motorsport team. By recruiting members and turning them into great racers. Simultaneously make car parts, assemble them into a complete racing car. Participate in car races with up to 10 participants. These are not just regular sports car races, but it is also a competition for managers. Shown through racing car construction, a smart strategy for the racer to win. Experiencing dramatic car races, you have the opportunity to enter the world’s top sports car racing. Compete with powerful opponents, win to become the best racing team, manager.Download Motorsport Manager Racing Mod

Customize racing cars, solve some tough problems

Motorsport Manager Racing Mod focuses mainly on tactics. So your task is to arrange and customize the racing car to the best effect. Before starting the race, you can observe the position of the car. At the same time on the screen displays information about the performance, performance of the car, and the skill of the driver. When the race starts, you can go through the top view to see the best. Sometimes you need to solve some difficult situations that riders encounter during racing. For example, change the gearbox, tires and customize the performance and fuel to match the track. A wide range of jobs as a manager, requires you to have skills and experience. Observe quickly and promptly handle all situations that riders encounter.Game Motorsport Manager Racing Mod

Many famous racers in the racing world

The developer Playsport Games offers you a lot of characters. They are famous racers in the F1 racing sport. For example riders Sebastian Buemi, Jean-Eric Vergne, Fenestraz, Cook, and many more. Each racer in Motorsport Manager Racing Mod comes from many different countries in the world such as the US, UK, China, etc. With his appearance, face and physique depicted very realistically. From there will be an inspiration for you to accompany them in the next races.Motorsport Manager Racing Mod

Many racing cars with famous brands

In addition to famous figures in the racing world, Motorsport Manager Racing Mod also has many famous car brands. Not only are F1 racing cars, but also many other famous car manufacturers such as Porsche, Audi, BMW, etc. However, they are not completely free, requiring you to spend money to buy. Each type of car has a different price, the car with good performance, the higher the price. Besides, each car has its own specifications. Expressed through the engine, transmission, shock absorbers, and brakes.

Upgrade car parts

Upgrading racing cars is one of the important factors, helping you to increase your win rate in each race. This costs quite a lot of money, but it is very effective. Not only in terms of engineering but also the vehicle’s capabilities have been significantly increased. Every part of the car plays an important role in a racing car. After the upgrade, you may notice a change in performance, reliability, power, power, average Pit time increase. Or through the race to know the performance of the car after being upgraded.Tai Motorsport Manager Racing Mod

Weather effects are depicted in great detail by Motorsport Manager Racing Mod. Players can easily observe through a top-down perspective. Racing cars move at high speed on the road, along with fierce competition. Combined with a very realistic and detailed designed map. You can see through each bend, the road surface and the stands are located in many places on the track. Combined with the use of sharp 3D graphics, with realistic sound. Create exciting races.

Download Motorsport Manager Racing Mod APK 2021.3.4 (Free Rewards)

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