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Join the adventure of the robot mouse in MouseBot Mod. A series of challenges and missions are waiting for you to overcome. From the deadly guillotines swinging overhead. Until the lasers shoot wildly, making MouseBot can be in danger at any time. This is not just an arduous journey to find life. Escape the maze invented by cat scientists MatLab. But also difficult challenges waiting for you to discover, find out the conspiracy of cat scientists. Destroy their scheme so that they can’t commit nefarious acts. Flexible overcome pitfalls, skillfully dodge to avoid injury. Complete the task of a robot mouse in the journey to collect cheese.

Download MouseBot Mod – The Journey to Collect Cheese in the Maze

In the journey to collect cheese, players have to face many challenges. Keep moving forward to find delicious cheeses. In parallel with that are deadly traps, if touched will cause the mouse to lose its life. Accompany the mouse in MouseBot Mod. The player’s task is to control the mouse flexibly on the move. Observe from afar to avoid obstacles ahead. Make sure not to enter the road with obstacles for safety. Because the mouse has no health or any defense mode. Just one mistake will make you pay for your mistake. Especially not any piece of cheese can be eaten. The pieces of cheese placed on the trap will cause the mouse to crumble as soon as it is touched.Game MouseBot Mod

Types of traps, flexible skills

In the early stages of MouseBot Mod, you can pass easily. The obstacles are pretty simple, just a few mouse traps or metal stampers. According to each level of play, the higher the level, the more dangerous and denser the obstacles appear. Not just a few regular cheese traps. Instead, sharp axes floated in the air. Or puddles of acid that melt to the touch, even scary lasers. Just a little carelessness or inattention will cause the mouse to crumble to pieces. Faced with such dangerous challenges, you need to equip yourself with flexible skills. Skillfully avoid obstacles, observe from afar to handle in time. Pass each challenge safely and don’t miss a single piece of cheese.MouseBot Mod

88 levels from easy to difficult

MouseBot Mod provides players with 88 levels from easy to difficult, giving you an extremely vivid adventure. The gameplay in each level is quite simple. You just need to move safely, overcome all obstacles. At the same time collect cheese pieces to complete the mission. Pass each challenge in turn in a level. You will move to the next level with more dangerous obstacles than before. Along with that, more cheese pieces will appear, as well as extremely attractive rewards. Especially, during cheese collection. If you lose your life, unfortunately, you can revive the mouse by clicking Replay. However, this makes your achievements impossible to excel.MouseBot Ears Mod

Unlock new mouse

In the adventure at the maze created by cat scientists CatLap. You have the opportunity to unlock new mice when passing a certain level. Especially each mouse in MouseBot Mod is a computer mouse. Made from metal components. With a unique appearance, with outstanding colors such as black, white, red, and blue. However, owning a new mouse is not easy at all. Start the game with a white mouse provided. Gradually go through each level of the game, overcoming countless deadly obstacles. You will receive a new mouse, with a much faster-running speed.Dowload MouseBot Mod

For an adventure game like MouseBot Mod. Graphics are one of the main factors to give players a feeling of enjoyment. Here, the game is designed with vivid 3D graphics, with bright colors. In addition to the very detailed and unique designed mouse. The obstacles of the game are also depicted very impressively. Gives you tough challenges, adds a certain amount of stimulation. Combined with realistic sounds expressed through each action of the mouse. Or the sound of the metal stamping machine when it hits the ground or when the mouse is destroyed. Along with musical melodies that are played throughout the play.

Download MouseBot Mod APK 2021.08.25 (Unlimited Money)

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